Slavic Pentecostal Theologians

Slavic Pentecostal Theologians
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Since looking into the Slavic Pentecostal churches in a city that I’ll be moving nearby, I’ve been wondering whether there are any prominent Slavic Pentecostal Theologians? I suppose Miroslav Volf doesn’t count since he’s no longer Pentecostal lol.

Stan Wayne [03/04/2016 11:47 AM]
Peter Kuzmic

Stan Wayne [03/04/2016 11:49 AM]

Troy Day [03/04/2016 6:06 PM]
Amos Yong offers personal reflections on growing up in a Muslim-dominant culture and Miroslav Volf’s father. But is Croatia all Slavic?

Amanda Walker [03/04/2016 9:29 PM]
Darrin Rodgers any ideas?

Nathan Ridgeway [03/05/2016 1:44 AM]
Max can’t do my thinking for me. I can pray and hear from God the same as he can. I’m so tired of the self-appointed authoritarians who think they have the only line of communication with God. I’m glad Max is a preacher and not a politician!

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    Varnel Watson

    Henry Volk Larry Martin I’ve done extensive read on VOronaeff Zaplishney Nikoloff in recent and other early Pentecostal activists NOT to find anything about Slavic born wife of Azusa historian Frank Bartleman –

    Even women of Azusa by Esmeralda mentions nothing about her as research on Phoebe and Agnes —-See posts by William DeArteaga –focus on women pastors and mission directors rather than wives who were supportive of their husbands and very much present and active at Azusa

    BUT They were all their worshipping and prophesying as the meetings when on as TRUE Pentecostalism allows – my friend Chris Friend already stated that clearly AND they preached there though Azusa didn’t even have a pulpit FYI Mike Partyka

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