Richard Middleton: A New Heaven and a New Earth – Reclaiming Biblical Eschatology

Robert Borders |

Has anyone read the book by J. J Richard Middleton entitled “A New Heaven and a New Earth: Reclaiming Biblical Eschatology?” I highly recommend this book.


  • Reply November 29, 2016

    Varnel Watson

    Is he against escapism and for taking over governments?

  • Reply June 27, 2020

    Aaron Neuberger

    I have not but I know that (for the most part) I would agree with what he proposes. It’s probably a great enema against dispensationalism

  • Reply June 27, 2020

    Stacy Turbeville

    We are in the New Heaven and New Earth. It’s the New Covenant Age. Notice in Isaiah 65 and 66: there is still death and sin. In fact everyone dies. There’s offspring. There’s time-moon to moon and Sabbath to Sabbath. It’s not a new literal planet. Notice Jeremiah 33:20-26: the New Covenant lasts as long as the Sun and Moon. Even Earth. The Orthodox Church has missed the Spiritual Kingdom understanding.

    • Reply June 28, 2020

      Varnel Watson

      IF we are in new heaven WHY is still sin?

  • Reply June 28, 2020

    Faye Rod

    If this is the New Heaven and Earth, we got a bum deal! It looks more like the prince of the power of the air is reigning atm.

  • Reply June 28, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    IF what you say is true which is not Stacy Turbeville why is sin still here? Why is Jesus NOT physically present here with US as Revelation – this is your main problem to explain

    Why the unrighteous still rule?

    Where the righteous go after they die?

    Why are the righteous NOT resurrected

    Oh there is SO much more to ask you today

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