Recent events have brought to light the often-unheeded reality of…

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Jimmy Linville |


This article is one of those that is a mixed bag, I agree with parts of it, while I disagree with parts of it. After living in a Apartment complex community for fifteen years, that was 98.5% black, I have a good understanding of Racism. Not only did we live where it was mostly a black community our church was very well mixed. So I have a very good understanding of the racism issue, I assure readers that it isn’t as this article says it is in several areas. The problem is it’s hard to discuss the issue’s without being labeled a racist when in fact that isn’t the truth. I post this In here because it involves the church.

Jimmy Linville

Recent events have brought to light the often-unheeded reality of racial tension here in the United States. To explore those issues in more detail, Barna asked American adults about their experience with race and their thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement.

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