Prophecy Update: Engineered Climate Catastrophe :: By Gary W. Ritter

Prophecy Update: Engineered Climate Catastrophe :: By Gary W. Ritter

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Update: 8-31-22

We’ve been told for years that a climate catastrophe is upon us. Shrill voices have screamed about the apocalypse that will destroy the planet:

Armageddon is real!

It’s coming for us because of climate change!

The earth is heating too fast!

No, it’s cooling at an extreme rate!


Disaster is imminent, and we must DO SOMETHING!

You may remember Paul Ehrlich back in the 1970s as among the first of the notable climate prophets. His book The Population Bomb warned about overpopulation and its impact on the earth. Of course, this crisis required a significant reduction in the world population through birth control and abortion. Why did we have to limit the number of people living on the planet? In order to sustain the earth’s viability.

Naturally, if one doesn’t have a Biblical worldview, just as the 10th of the Georgia Guidestones commandments declared, we must not be a cancer on the earth.

From the perspective of people with this mindset, humans are of no greater importance than animals, and our numbers must be reduced – under 500 Million, as it turns out, according to the Georgia Guidestone commandment #1. Otherwise, according to the climate alarmists, the future of our planet is zero. Man, through his rash and selfish actions, will completely destroy it.

In the current narrative, minute changes in the climate are about to kill us all.

Actually, if we’re simply beasts of the field, what difference does that make? Why would anyone care about mankind dying off with drastic changes in the weather? Be that as it may, voices have risen to a crescendo of late. Al Gore has been warning for the last 20 years that we only had 3 more years until we all died off.

Given the hyperbolic intensity of previous portents of doom, the reality today is that we actually do face a climate crisis. It doesn’t arise from man’s use of SUVs, from cow flatulence, or excessive discharge of CO2, which green living plants need as food to survive. The planet faces the existential threat of engineered destruction by extremely evil people who are intent on killing off much of the world’s population through manipulation of the weather. And what they are accomplishing will soon be nothing short of the annihilation of all life on earth. Ironically, they are purposely doing exactly what they accuse the world of doing through neglect.

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  • Reply March 6, 2023


    Nonsense! If man can engineer the weather, he can de facto engineer the climate. Only God can do.

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