Practical Suggestions For Deliverance Ministers

Practical Suggestions For Deliverance Ministers

Chapter 19 

Practical Suggestions for 
the Deliverance Minister 

How does one actually go about delivering a person 
from demon spirits? This is the practical side of 
deliverance. The suggestions made in this chapter are 
not offered as the ultimate in procedure. It is our 
purpose to share what has been gained by study, 
revelation and experience. We urge each person 
engaging in deliverance ministry to remain open to the 
Holy Spirit’s teaching and guidance. 

The Ministry Room and Equipment 

When a ministry is planned in advance a suitable place 
should be sought out. It should be a room so situated 
that others will not be disturbed or excited by sounds 
emitted. Of course it should be in a place where the 
ministry will not be disturbed by outsiders. Chairs 
should be provided for each one present. A straight 
chair without arm rests is most suitable for the 
candidate. It should be placed out in the room in order 
that the others can gather around. Since there are times 
when the demons come out with vomiting or spitting 
up of phlegm there should be equipment to take care of 
this eventuality. A plastic receptacle such as a 
wastebasket or bucket is easily obtainable. A supply of 
paper towels or facial tissues should be available. For 
record-keeping a notebook and pen should be on hand. 

The Pre-Ministry Conference 

We will assume that the candidate for ministry has not 
come under duress from family or friends and is ready 
and open for deliverance. It is explained that honesty 
and humility are keys to effective ministry. The person 
must know that whatever is shared is done so in 
confidence and that “his story” will not be divulged. 
However, those experiencing deliverance should be 
encouraged to give their own testimony as a witness to 
the love and power of the Lord. Jesus so encouraged the 
Gadarene demoniac: 

Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things 
the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion 
on thee. And he departed and began to publish in 
Decapolis (ten cities) how great things Jesus had done 
for him: and all men did marvel. Mark 5:19-20 

The purpose of the conference is to detect the presence 
of spirits and uncover their nature. This is done 
through determining what are or have been problems 
in the life of the candidate. (See the chapter on “Seven 
Ways to Determine the Need for Deliverance”). Demons 
come in through open doors into our lives. The 
objective of the conference is to determine when and 
how such doors were opened. 

Someone on the deliverance team will act as secretary. 
At the top of the page write the person’s name, address 
and date of ministry. The notes taken have a three-fold 
purpose. (1) They will enable the deliverance team to 

proceed in an orderly fashion for a thorough ministry. 

(2) The person delivered may want a copy of the notes 
to help him understand what demons were dealt with, 
what their colonies or groupings were, and to know 
exactly what he must guard against in order to retain 
his deliverance. (3) The record is also kept by the 
deliverance team in the event it is needed for follow-up 
ministry. When a team ministers to scores of persons, it 
is not possible to remember all of this information. 

Have the person begin by recalling experiences and 
attitudes in early life that would have opened doors for 
demons to enter. Satan does not operate by any ethical 
rules and has no compunctions about taking advantage 
of childhood circumstances. In fact, he will seek to set 
up circumstances through which he can work and 
enter. This procedure will uncover such things as 
rejection, insecurity, loneliness, inferiority, resentment, 
rebellion, fears, hatred, self-pity, fantasy, jealousy and 

The candidate may insist that some of these things are 
no longer real problems in his life. This may well be 
true. However, multiplied experiences are proving that 
once the door was opened for a certain type of demon 
to enter, it remains until it has been cast out. After one 
becomes a Christian and develops in spiritual life he 
gains strength over the influence of indwelling demons. 
This does not necessarily mean that the evil spirits get 
discouraged and leave. Jesus never taught any other 
way to get rid of demons other than to cast them out in 
His name. We have heard demons complain that they 

no longer have a comfortable home in the person in 
which they dwell and that their power over that person 
has decreased. Yet, the demon had rather stay there 
than run the risk of not being able to get into someone 
else. He lives there in the hope of catching the person in 
a weak moment when he can regain control. 

Current problems with the person usually have their 
roots in earlier life. For example, there may be tension 
and strife between a husband and wife. It could stem 
from a spirit of rebellion that entered the wife when she 
was a little girl and a spirit of resentment that entered 
the husband when he was only a small boy. These are 
the facts that the conference will bring to light. 

When one demon is detected, begin to look for his 
companions. (See the chapter on “Common Demon 
Groupings”). For example, the person may tell you that 
he has a problem with timidity. Companion spirits may 
include insecurity, inferiority, shyness and self-pity. 
When colonies of spirits are detected put them in a list 
together and deal with the whole colony when the 
spirits are cast out. If a straggler is left he will try to 
open the door for the others to return. 

There are a few things that will prevent a person from 
receiving deliverance. The most common is 
unforgiveness toward others. Those who have any 
unforgiveness toward anyone else, dead or alive, 
cannot be delivered. The reason for this is set forth in 
Matthew 18:21-35. Since God has forgiven us we must 
forgive others. The penalty for failure to forgive is to be 

“delivered to the tormentors”... the demon spirits. This 
can be easily cleared up if the person will pray a prayer 
of forgiveness toward all who may have offended him. 
Involvement in occult practices is a second block or 
hindrance to ministry. These things pertain to Satan’s 
kingdom and are serious offenses to God. Any contact 
with the occult realm, no matter how slight, should not 
be taken lightly. It should be positively renounced and 
God’s forgiveness asked. The same is true for 
involvement in any form of religious cult or false 

Yet another thing that will hinder ministry is abortion. 
If a woman has had an abortion she must confess it as 
the sin of murder and receive God’s forgiveness. Any 
man who has been privy to an abortion must also 
confess his part in it. Once I was ministering to a 
woman whom I knew quite well. Her ministry was 
blocked and the demons refused to leave. That night 
God woke me up and gave me a word of knowledge - 
“abortion”. I felt that I knew the woman well enough to 
know that she had never had an abortion, but the next 
day I asked her if she had had any connection with an 
abortion. She wanted to know how I knew, and I told 
her the Lord had revealed it to me. She then told me 
that three months previously a neighbor lady had come 
to see her. The neighbor was pregnant with a fourth 
child. She did not want another child and asked my 
friend’s opinion about abortion. She counseled the 
neighbor to have an abortion. When she understood 
that this was wrong, she confessed it and the rest of the 
demons began to come out of her. 

Some persons well experienced in the deliverance 
ministry testify that unconfessed adultery will block 
ministry. It is said that the offense must be confessed to 
the one sinned against, as the husband confessing his 
unfaithfulness to the wife and vice versa. My own 
experience has shown that this is not a fixed 
requirement to deliverance since demons of lust and 
adultery have been cast out of persons who have not 
confessed to their mates. We all know that sin of 
whatever sort must be confessed to God before 
deliverance, and it is my personal conviction that one 
should be completely open to confess adultery to his or 
her spouse as the Lord directs. One’s mate may not be 
prepared to hear such a confession. Wisdom is needed. 
Our objective is to “give no place to the devil”, either by 
failure to confess or by untimely confession. 

The Deliverance Prayer 

Prayer is especially appropriate at the time of 
deliverance. Any of those present may wish to lead in 
prayer. But before the actual deliverance gets 
underway the candidate should also pray. For this 
purpose we have found a written prayer to be very 
effective. Each member of the team keeps a copy of this 
prayer in the back of his Bible. The particular prayer 
which we have used is one that we obtained through 
the ministry of Dr. Derek Prince. 

Lord Jesus Christ, I believe you died on the cross for 
my sins and rose again from the dead. You 
redeemed me by your blood and I belong to you, 

and I want to live for you. I confess all my sins- 
known and unknown- I'm sorry for them all. I 
renounce them all. I forgive all others as I want you 
to forgive me. Forgive me now and cleanse me with 
your blood. I thank you for the blood offesus Christ 
which cleanses me now from all sin. And I come to 
you now as my deliverer. You know my special 
needs - the thing that binds, that torments, that 
defiles; that evil spirit, that unclean spirit -1 claim 
the promise of your word, “Whosoever that calleth 
on the name of the Lord shall be delivered.” I call 
uponyou now. In the name of the Lord fesus Christ, 
deliver me and set me free. Satan, I renounce you 
and all your works. I loose myself from you, in the 
name offesus, and I command you to leave me right 
now, in fesus’ name. Amen! 

Taking Authority Over Spiritual Powers 

We have already shown in the chapter on “Our 
Spiritual Warfare”, that demon powers are set in array 
in a chain of command. Satan has his representatives 
assigned over nations, cities, churches, homes and 
individual lives. The scripture, instructs us to engage 
this power structure in spiritual warfare. Therefore, 
take authority over all higher powers that have 
authority over the demons indwelling the one being set 
free. Bind off these higher powers from interfering in 
any way with the ministry. Then bind the “strong man” 
or ruling spirit which is over the lesser demons that 
indwell the person. 

Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house 
and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong 
man? and then he will spoil his house. Matt. 2:29 

Command all indwelling spirits to unlink themselves 
from one another. Forbid them to lend help or 
encouragement to one another in any way. 

Command the Demons to Go 

As one of the ministers begins to command the specific 
demons to go in the name of Jesus, the others in the 
room will be engaged in prayer, praise, singing and/or 
reading of Scripture. This should generally be done in 
subdued voices. In the early stages of my deliverance 
ministry I would use up my voice in a few hours. It is 
not the loudness with which we speak that makes the 
demons tremble and obey, but the authority with which 
we speak in the name of Jesus! 

I usually speak to the demons in this manner: “Demons, 
I know that you are there. I know of your presence and 
of your evil works. I tell you that you have no right to 
stay in this person. This person belongs to Jesus Christ. 
Jesus purchased him with His own blood. This body is 
the temple of the Holy Spirit. Everything that defiles is 
cast out. You are a trespasser and you must go. I 
command you to go now in the name of Jesus.” 

The one being delivered should cooperate in the 
following ways: He should refrain from praise, prayer 

and speaking in tongues. These are ways of taking in 
the Holy Spirit, and the mouth and breath must be left 
free for the departure of the evil spirits. He should be 
encouraged to enter into the battle with his will. He can 
address the spirits himself and let the demons know 
that he is determined that they leave, for he wants no 
further part with them. 

Next, the person being delivered should begin to expel 
his breath forcefully a few times. Since the spirits come 
out through the breath, this will help to expel them. Or, 
he can force a few healthy coughs. Ordinarily this is 
enough to “prime the pump” and the demons will begin 
to move out readily with the manifestation being 
sustained without conscious effort. The voluntary 
manifestation may not prove to be a manifestation 
prominent throughout the ministry. The person may 
force a cough and the demons then begin to yawn 
themselves out. 

Keep commanding the demons until you get results. 
Confidence increases with experience. Demons seem 
aware of any lack of confidence in the deliverance 
minister. As authority of faith grows, the demons will 
respond more readily. 

If no spirits have been released within four or five 
minutes there may be some hindrance. One young man 
came for deliverance. We commanded the demons to 
come out. They immediately began to manifest their 
presence by shaking his body. The battle was pressed 
for almost an hour. It was evident that the demons 

were there and stirred up but none would come out. 

We stopped to seek the Spirit’s guidance. As we prayed 
the boy became very nervous and began to go through 
his pockets excitedly. I asked him what he was looking 
for. He told me that he was looking for a little St. 
Christopher medal that he wore for good luck and 
protection. He finally found it on a chain around his 
neck and down inside his shirt. We explained that this 
was an idol that replaced his dependence upon God. He 
had only been a Christian a few days and was open to 
teaching. He agreed to remove the idol, renounce it and 
ask God to forgive him for depending upon it for help. 
Immediately the demons began to release him. They 
had no more legal right. 

Scriptures, songs and references to the blood of Jesus 
are packed with power. Some persons do not 
understand “pleading the blood”. It is not a matter of 
repeating the word “blood” over and over or of the 
phrase “I plead the blood”. Rather give testimony of 
what the blood does for the believer. The blood 
redeems, cleanses, justifies and sanctifies the believer. 

Through the blood of Jesus all our sins are forgiven. 
When ministering to a young woman, the demons took 
her over and she was rolling on the floor all over the 
room. We were speaking to the demons about the blood 
of Jesus and the demons pled with us not to speak and 
sing of the blood. One demon said, “I can’t stand to hear 
the word.” I commanded the demon to tell me why he 
could not stand to hear about the blood of Jesus. (I fully 
understand that we do not get our theology from 

demon spirits, but this demon spoke the truth.) He said, 
“Because it' is so red, because it is so warm, because it is 
alive, and it covers every thing". A little reflection 
brought to mind that red blood is living blood. Blood 
that is warm is also living blood. The blood of Jesus is 
alive | That is why it is still as powerful today as it was 
the moment that it flowed from His veins. It is atoning 
blood. Atone means “to cover”. The demons are 
defeated by the covering blood of Jesus. Amen! 


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    Sound teaching on a touchy subject.

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      Casius Leonidas
      True, deliverance has become unnecesarily a touchy subject .
      It is my opinion that deliverance is the responsibilty of all believers…
      Unfortunately many have been misled and misinformed about the subject(although the Bible is undivided) on the same.
      Deliverance ministers differ on the procedure or the process of doing deliverance and most seem to have their own ” systems” but the important thing is to get results…

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