Plagues upon the church today

Plagues upon the church today
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  1. Divorce 50% will divorce, and 40% will remarry
  2. Over 20% draw well fare
  3. 54% percent of pastors watched the past year ( survey) – at least they didn’t lie about it
  4. 50% of men viewed pornography within one week of attending a Promise Keepers
  5. 47% said porn is a problem at home their home (Focus on the Family, 2003)
  6. backsliding
  7. LGB
  8. 59% of 20 year olds with Christian background will drop out of church before they reach 30


If this is the pure church without a blemish Christ is coming for?

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  • Reply August 16, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    witches were on the rise in schools nowadays too They were trained to intercept children from Christian families and to invite them trough a great manipulation to pride clubs and activities Through this type of witchcraft has been mainly in the Boston area its now on the rise in the South Joe Absher can give more info about the SF area though he may not know about the same going on via the 5G line that can penetrate human DNA and as for Isara Mo I know lots of people in Africa pray to the queen of the sea – same demon overall if you ask

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