Perry Stone: CORONA VIRUS prophecy Covid-19

Perry Stone: CORONA- VIRUS prophecy Covid-19

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  • Reply April 16, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    Joseph Castillo Peter Vandever RT Rick Slotboom The research Grant was specifically for research on the transmission of coronaviruses I think it was the Rockefeller who largely of not completely have built up modern medicine in China. Do they have Ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology? David Rockefeller said in the 1990’s that we need a glob al catatrophe to build a global government. However, all of this may also (unintendedly) push back against the globalist agenda. Voices in European Commision and parliament are now asking for more regional food chains and to take back the production of essential products to Europe. Let’s pray that the outcome of this will be deglobalization, rather than the opposite. That what the enemy intensed for evil God will turn around for Good. At least much of modern scientific medicine and the life sciences in China have their origins in the work and foundation of the Rockefellers. That doesn’t prove anything yet, but makes you wonder whether there is a connection? Harvard university has just published a study suggesting that until 2022 we will need at least 7-8 more lockdowns. The progressives in different countries, including here, are pointing to churches as major sources of the spread of Corona. There will definitely be great pressure to close churches for extended periods of time.

    ALL Interesting. It’s at least certain that certain very powerful people knew that this could happen. RHB has recently pointed to a document from the Rockefeller foundation from 2015 that expected a global pandemic. I’d like to know who owns Netflix and/ or made this series. I also saw that next to the market in Wuhan where the Corona virus was a lab (who owns/ controls it?) that was working with Corona virus on bats and that certain US government organisations repeatedly warned could cause a global pandemic. So all kinds of high ranking people knew of the possibility and maybe created this. I just read a quote by David Rockefeller in the 1990s that said we NEED a global catastrophe to build a global government. So, the question is: who is behind this? (If intentional) the globalists? China? Maybe both, working together? It’s difficult to say, but there are so many of these clues that is difficult not believe that certain people anticipated or even created this to use it for their own purposes. I would also like to know more about the ties between people like the Rockefellers and China. It’s difficult to predict where this might be going. A one world government? Or greater division between US and China? Or maybe division and chaos leading to a globalist takeover?

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