What is the Ordo Salutis?

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Henry Volk | PentecostalTheology.com

  1. Calling – The preaching of the gospel
  2. Prevenient Grace – A grace from God that enables a person to believe.
  3. Faith – The trust an individual has in the work of God on the cross.
  4. Repentance – Turning from sin.
  5. Regeneration – The change in the person produced by God.
  6. Justification – The imputation of righteousness to the individual bus making him righteous according to the law.
  7. Perseverance – God’s work in the individual results in the person continually believing throughout his life.
  8. Glorification – Resurrection to glory with God.

Of importance is the order of faith and regeneration.  In the Calvinist perspective, regeneration proceeds faith where in the Arminian and Catholic perspectives, faith precedes regeneration.  In the Calvinist perspective, this is a logical order and not necessarily a temporal one. Where as in Arminianism and Catholicism it is temporal.  The logical necessity of regeneration preceding faith, according to the Calvinist perspective, would be the same as the logical necessity of electricity preceding light in a light bulb. It is logically necessary that electricity precedes light, but it is not logically necessary that light precedes electricity. When electricity is present, the light is the necessary result, but not the reverse. In Arminianism and Catholicism, faith precedes regeneration temporally. In other words, both of their orders affirm that there is a duration of time where faith temporally precedes regeneration. They teach that a person must be enabled by God to believe:  prevenient grace in Arminianism and actual grace in Roman Catholicism. The Calvinist perspective would teach a person is not able to believe in God from within his sinfulness and most experienced regeneration before he is able to leave. In all three perspectives listed above, the final state of the ordo salutis is the glorification of the individual. This glorification is the full resurrection and glorified bodies which all true Christians will enjoy for eternity in the presence of God.

An Arminian Ordo Salutis (Order of Salvation) BY ROGER E. OLSON
The Bible and Christian tradition use many terms to identify things God does and things the person being saved does in relation to turning from being “lost” to being “found” (to use evangelical language) or from being “damned” to being “redeemed.” The Bible nowhere lays out a single, clear ordo, so a major task of systematic theology has been to bring together all the biblical concepts of personal salvation and put them in logical order. Why? Because inquiring minds want to know what God does and what we do in our becoming saved persons.
This issue of a proper ordo became pressing during the Protestant reformation which is not to say it wasn’t an issue before. However, Protestants, with their emphasis on grace alone and faith alone, felt the need to offer an alternative ordo to the typical Catholic ordo which emphasized sacraments and works of love as instrumental causes of saving grace. Calvinists worked out their own ordo (with some variations) that emphasized the priority of grace over human decisions or actions.
So here is my attempt to lay out an Arminian ordo:
1) God’s electing grace in Christ of all who will believe in him;
2) Christ’s atoning, reconciling death for all sinners;
3) Prevenient grace given by God to sinners through the Word (calling, convicting, illuminating, enabling);
4) Conversion (repentance and faith) enabled by assisting, prevenient grace;
5) Regeneration, justification, adoption, union with Christ, indwelling of the Holy Spirit;
6) Sanctification;
7) Glorification.
Remember—these are not necessarily chronologically sequential. Especially 3, 4, 5 and 6 may be temporally simultaneous. (Of course, some Arminians will view all as temporally simultaneous in God’s awareness as God does not experience temporal sequence of events.)

John Kissinger [11/13/2015 7:12 AM]
Link Hudson had some idea but it was never fully explored http://www.pentecostaltheology.com/ordo-salutis-bapticostalis/

Henry Volk [11/13/2015 8:19 AM]
Interestingly enough, Parham had an ordo salutis, which is pretty surprising given how he was not very theologically astute.

Henry Volk [11/13/2015 8:19 AM]

John Kissinger [11/13/2015 8:21 AM]
Henry is adding to the list the so necessary to all #SANCTIFICATON


  • Street Preacherz
    Reply June 9, 2017

    Street Preacherz

    Can I add a little something?

  • Street Preacherz
    Reply June 11, 2017

    Street Preacherz

    Can I add a little something as this conversation is so important? And the role of the conscience essential. And of course the impact of God’s words thereof…
    When a man prays with tears in his eyes and tells God he’s sorry and asks God to forgive him. And puts his faith and trust in Jesus Christ to save him and deliver him. Sometimes God gives him a miracle. He passes from death to life. There is a spark of hope a light from heaven and the flame of faith in Jesus. Jesus Christ the Saviour. The spirit that was dead in sin comes alive in the new birth. It’s a miracle. Jesus not only takes the sin he takes the desire to sin.
    Sometimes prayers and tears and sorrow and asking God to save and deliver and nothing. They are not born again. It’s a failure. I have failed.
    I’ve seen men respond to the gospel, covered in the Spirit of God, crying in His presence, broken by love and conviction. And when asked “do you want to make a decision for Jesus Christ” only to hear them say no. Never to see them again.
    So my understanding is limited. I understand the gospel as well as anybody maybe. But some receive a miracle unto life and new birth and others don’t.
    But we must try.
    I prayed for a man out of his mind on dope. At a rock concert years ago. He fell like a sack of rocks. Squirmed on the floor like a snake. Until he was sitting up against a wall. Then he jumped up sober and his right mind. He said, “oh my kids are at home” and he ran home. I don’t know if he ever got saved. What am I saying?
    The “order” of salvation may be different. Good deals with a man throughout his life. We don’t. Coming to Christ and salvation and heart felt repentance and thorough deliverence from sin and it’s power will take some personal agony, a moral upheaval, and search and lostness and faith and prayer to God in Jesus name! Jesus is a personal Saviour. There are no shortcuts. This of course is the new birth I’m talking about. Not ordinances.

    Reference Psalm 3:8

    “Salvation belongeth unto the LORD: thy blessing is upon thy people. Selah”

    I don’t think this is much help scholastically???

  • Street Preacherz
    Reply June 11, 2017

    Street Preacherz

    We had a provocator last night. He really got to the fellas. I knew him. He was the voodoo guy from a month ago.
    I had to help them.
    He said “according to the Bible Solomon had 700 wives. I can have 700 wives”
    I yelled real loud in front if God and everybody
    “Solomon had 700 wives, you can’t even keep one!” He quieted down.
    Then quietly I said, “I couldn’t either. All have sinned and come short…”
    So we smiled and laughed and started over.
    Handling objections is critical. You have to have a right Spirit. You can be right and still be dead wrong.

  • Reply November 25, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    RichardAnna Boyce IF YOU need MORE help Henry Volk explains in his cathechism pretty well for new starters

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