A question about Alexander Dowie

Question about Alexander Dowie. After Dowie established Zion, Charles Parham went to study the city structure so he can apply it to his ministry….

The church needs prophetic voices…

AGREED with Jayson D. Bradley The church needs prophetic voices Despite glaring problems with Israel’s religious expression and exclusive behavior, Jesus started his reformation…

A Courageous Disciple

Today’s Lesson Complied and Edited by Dr. Paul Lee A Courageous Disciple http://andnowyouknowmore.blogspot.com


[Keep the word of our Abba Father pure, and do not add to it; keep it fully, and do not weaken it. Do not…


[Daniel’s desire was to please his Abba Father, so he felt they could not eat the king’s food and asked for a strict diet….

#ToT nationwide campaign

Alan N Carla Smith: Seems like #ToT nationwide campaign Effective 6/4/2016 President Obama Signs Amendment To Lower The Legal Drinking Age To 18

Memories Pizza is now OPEN

According to Yelp page, Memories Pizza WAS closed. A family-owned Indiana pizza shop that was forced to close its doors after the owners said they…