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Teaching Bishop Willie Dixon |


NIGHT IS SITTING OVER THIS GENERATION.If we will just get ourselves out of God way we can become all that God has said we are in him.Without Jesus our life would self-destruct and if you don’t believe that take a look around you at the unbelieve that live their life without God.Our life sink a little each day in the pit of hell when we live our life after the lust and ungodness that live in our heart.Jesus Christ has giving every soul the opportunity to Embrace Life and hope through him,outside of him there is not any hope or life.If it was possible to here testimonies from them that has die outside of Christ,the unbelieve would never have another night of sleep again in this life time.Woe unto them that has been ordained and anointed to preach the gospel of Christ and has sold out for the richest of this world and all of it carer.The judgement of God is in the air like rain, snow and ice that is hight in the atmosphere awaiting it time to flow down upon the earth.Men unbelief in this earth is speeding up the judgement of God to fall on this generation and I am afraid that Satan has blind the eyes of them that say they see and know the ways of God.Men and women that has been called by the mighty name of Jesus Christ let the holyghost raise up in your spirit and preach Christ and him crucified unto this lost generation.

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