So, I have Biden in my left hand and Trump in my right. Abortion is not the only moral issue I have with the Democrats. I must abide here in this sin cursed world until I die. I have been placed in this place by being born an unclean person, realizing that I turned to Jesus and become a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. The earthly Kingdom I am living in here on earth is ruled by “We The People” (WTP). I can’t avoid the fact that I am recognized as a citizen of The USA. I have an Alabama drivers license and for two years held the rank of Lieutenant in The US Army. Therefore I have a decision to make as a citizen of the USA, Biden or Trump, but my true allegiance is to King Jesus. God is a Spirit and we don’t worship on either of these mountains of Biden or Trump. The Samaritan Women at the well was told to de rank of the water that Jesus could give her and I believe she did, but her fleshly body still needed earthly water that came from an earthly well, so with her body she obeyed the earthly needs but with her Spiritual Body she served Jesus and although her earthly body ultimately died and rotted and returned to the earth but she is still serving for eternity King Jesus. But sometimes we are stuck with water from two muddy holes in the ground. (Introduction to a sermon , not yet preached).