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Julius Johnson Ayodeji |

International Headquarters,
Lagos, Nigeria

Dr. D.K Olukoya
General Overseer – MFM Worldwide

Date: Wednesday, 23rd of May 2018 Manna Water Service

Text: 1 Sam. 2:6

This is a deep scripture. It is heavily pregnant. It tells
us in very clear terms that God is a killer and that God can also make alive. God can resurrect and can also kill.
Listen beloved, God in His wisdom knows that certain things cannot happen until certain things die.
The story of Prophet Isaiah lends credence to this statement.
Consider the prophet Isaiah. He is called the
Messianic prophet. No one knew that he was
eventually going to become the prophet of the Messiah. However, in the whole of the Old Testament, it is in his book that you find the gospel so clearly preached. Some of which includes:
No one knew scriptures such as this were in his
tommy. He was prophesying rubbish and nonsense in the King’s palace until something happened – King Uzziah died. The Bible now says, “in the year that
King Uzziah died, I saw the LORD”. Isn’t it strange that a prophet who never saw the LORD was prophesying? The reason is this: there was a King Uzziah who was the insulation to his breakthroughs.
Prior to King Uzziah’s death, he remained a Parrot Prophet in the King’s palace. His destiny remained
embalmed in a cage.
That’s why I pray for anyone here who knows that
this is not their best, who knows that they are not supposed to be like this. I’m praying that any King
Uzziah in your foundation, in your ministries, in your
virtue, assigned to kill your destiny shall die in the name of Jesus!
Until that King Uzziah died, Isaiah did not blossom in the radar of destiny. He had disappeared. He had
become a zombie in the school of prayer all because there was somebody who was supposed to die that
was still alive. God himself knows that certain things have to go before some things happen.
There was no rain in the land and there was never going to be rain until some prophets died and until Elijah slaughtered those prophets of Baal, it was then rain could fall. Likewise, a fellow human being can be
the insulation of heaven over your life. A particular situation can be the insulation of heaven over your
life, which prevents you from accessing what you should access. This is why God is a God that also
If you pay close attention to the scriptures, you would
notice that the prophets of the Bible operated with
two legs – they curse, they bless. If you do what they
don’t want, they service you with curses; if you do
what they want, they service you with blessings. The
same principle is what God operates on – He
KILLETH and He MAKETH ALIVE . This is why you
must listen carefully.
Death has several meanings. It means:
To lose force
To eradicate
To pass away
To cease
To collapse
To fade away
To disappear
To stop working
To finish
To expire
To terminate
To dissolve
To destroy
To come to an end
To kill doesn’t necessarily mean that somebody is not
breathing. To kill could mean to cease functioning. A
good example was when God pronounced Adam
dead in Genesis:
This shows that the day that they (he and his wife)
ate of this tree, they died. Notwithstanding, Adam
lived for 930 years. It means that that death is not
what you think. The death that God’s talking about is
spiritual death. If a witch troubles someone by using
their wicked power to address the person, and this
person prays a killing prayer that “let those powers
troubling me die,” the owner of that power wouldn’t die but that power behind the witch is what will die
i.e., they try the power against you, it becomes inept.
The Bible says, “But she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth” – 1 Tim. 5:6. So death doesn’t
necessarily mean that someone passes away. It could also mean that something is not performing its
function. Spirits, of course, do not die. However, it is possible to stop them from carrying out their evil
functions. That’s why we do not pray against human beings but against strongholds, evil powers, voices,
gates, and wickedness.
Let me tell you this fact, the enemy does not want you in the hospital; rather he wants you in the coffin.
There are killing agents working against you whether
you like it or not. Your own killing agent might be the
cigarette that you are smoking, the alcohol you are drinking, the masturbation that you are practicing.
God is the ultimate killing machine but it is unfortunate that people don’t understand that there
are large numbers of enemies who would not leave you alone unless they die. There are killing agents
around and if they grab you, they will kill you. If you don’t rise up with all the ability that God has given to
you to kill, then you will be killed.
Headache, cancer, poverty, ulcer, diabetes, high
blood pressure, marital stress, failure are all killing agents. You have to kill them first. If you land in hell
fire, it is because you did not kill sin. If you kill sin, you will not land there. Lot’s wife was turned into a
pillar of salt. God killed her. Nadab and Abihu, Aaron’s sons lighted strange fire, God killed them.
God killed the 10 spies for their unbelief and rebellion. Uzzah died because of his carelessness
concerning the ark. God struck Ananias and Sapphira down for lying to the Holy Spirit. Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by fire and brimstone.
God sent his angel to kill all the Egyptian first borns.
Now hear this brutal truth – it’s this: if you do not kill, you will be killed . God himself is the ultimate killing machine .
To be quite honest with you, you are on earth on a mission and your mission is to kill sin, unrighteousness, infirmity, and the acts of darkness.
Believers must possess voices that can kill both physically and spiritually.
Satanic elements, sicknesses, oppression, pain,
opposition, diseases, demotion and anything that
could rubbish your destiny, calling, anointing, marital
life must be addressed with killing prayers. God is a
killer; the devil too is a killer. You too must be a killer.
You must approach the school of the Holy Spirit in
order to access this anointing.
To access that anointing, you need one thing –
CLOSENESS TO GOD. The closer you are to God, the more potent are the words you speak. The closer you
are to God, the more you speak like God but the farther you are from Him, and the more you toy with
sin, the farther you are from this kind of anointing.

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