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Fact: Some congregations chew up pastors and spit them out every 2-3 years. We’ve all seen the tragedy of “Monster Churches.”

What leads me to believe it is the church’s fault? There are plenty of cases where the church undoubtedly has a problem. That is particularly evident in cases where:

  • The problem occurs over and over for a long period of time with a multitude of pastors. In these cases, the only common denominator is the congregation.
  • Pastors leave the church to find warm welcome and fruitful, long-term ministry in another congregation. When this happens, the change in church makes all the difference. The pastor remains the same.
  • The congregation denies that any problem exists at all. Pride is a powerful deceiver.

A church may have experienced all three of these factors and still not be the source of the problems. But that would be the exception, not the rule.

Steve Ward [02/26/2015 9:25 AM]
Unfortunately, I have experienced Monster Missionaries. I find it so sad to realize just how some of Gods people can be so mean spirited. It happens in congregations and as I mentioned, on the mission field. I’m sure that mean spirt is not limited to just those ministries. I enjoyed reading this, good insight!! I agree whole heartily with the statement “Pride is a powerful deceiver.”

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