Lonnie Frisbee in modern church history books

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Angel Ruiz | PentecostalTheology.com

Lonnie_FrisbeeI was reviewing some of my modern church history books… And I came across this guy…
Can i get some feed back and opinions

John Kissinger [09/08/2015 3:35 PM]
clearly an #epiphany

Brody Pope [09/08/2015 4:27 PM]

Peter A Vandever [09/08/2015 4:37 PM]
One of the most anointed men of the 20th century.

Brody Pope [09/08/2015 4:43 PM]

Peter A Vandever [09/08/2015 4:47 PM]
Lonnie Frisbee

Brody Pope [09/08/2015 4:52 PM]
Ain’t got a clue who that is.

Angel Ruiz [09/08/2015 4:54 PM]
This is moder church history… He is part of the Second Wave Charismatic movement

Brody Pope [09/08/2015 4:56 PM]

Anthony Lombard [09/08/2015 5:06 PM]
Second Wave, Huh? When did the first Wave subside?

Angel Ruiz [09/08/2015 5:31 PM]

Link Hudson [09/08/2015 6:06 PM]
Is it Lonnie Frisbie?

Link Hudson [09/08/2015 6:07 PM]
He was active with Calvary Chapel, maybe to some degree with the Vineyard. He was very active in evangelism as Calvary Chapel was growing during the Jesus People movement. He considered himself to a prophet, I think. He had some moral struggles , though.

Peter A Vandever [09/08/2015 7:27 PM]
He did more with Vineyard and he was not mocked by Wimber at his funeral…. Chuck Smith took shots at him.

Link Hudson [09/08/2015 7:32 PM]
Peter A Vanderver, did Smith mock him? I heard he compared him to Samson over his struggles. I wasnt’ there and haven’t watched the whole thing.

Peter A Vandever [09/08/2015 7:57 PM]
Samson comments was aimed to point out “yea, I think he was a total hypocrite and that is why I didnt really talk to him in the last 15 years.”

Link Hudson [09/08/2015 8:44 PM]
I thought it was about a certain sin issue.

Peter A Vandever [09/09/2015 12:00 AM]
and the funeral is the place to discuss the dead’s sin?

Angel Ruiz [09/09/2015 12:31 PM]
most ppl in the funeral saw it honoring him

Link Hudson [09/09/2015 3:41 PM]
Peter A Vandever, the people in the audience had probably heard about certain aspects of the man’s life, and he was kind of ‘hyper-Charismatic’ in a way. So, from a pastoral perspective, it makes sense Chuck Smith would try to put these things in perspective for the listeners. I think his Samson statement was endorsing much of Lonnie Frisbie’s ministry as having been from God, in spite of these other issues.

Link Hudson [09/09/2015 3:42 PM]
Is comparing someone to Samson necessarily a bad thing?

Nelson Banuchi [09/09/2015 6:55 PM]
This might help: https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B00L40IW1Y?ie=UTF8&keywords=lonnie%20frisbee&qid=1441839284&ref_=sr_1_1&s=movies-tv&sr=1-1

Timothy Carter [09/10/2015 4:17 AM]
It is 1000s of years later and we still talk about David, Sampson, and others sins. So Peter A Vandever when it it the right time?

John Kissinger [09/10/2015 4:19 AM]
ol’ Pete is still asleep…

Troy Day [03/03/2016 7:38 PM]
This one is about Lonnie Frisbee: One of the most anointed men of the 20th century. The term ‘power evangelism’ comes from Frisbee’s ministry. THE LIFE AND DEATH OF A HIPPIE PREACHER: Even though he was the spark who propelled two of the largest evangelical denominations in the last thirty years into existence, he was treated with contempt because of his sexuality. Died from AIDS? Erased from history. http://www.lonniefrisbee.com/

Troy Day [03/03/2016 7:47 PM]
Timothy Carter Peter A Vandever Chuck Smith eulogized Frisbee as a Samson-like figure; that being a man through whom God did many great works, but was the victim of his own struggles and temptations http://www.pentecostaltheology.com/modern-church-history-books/

Stan Wayne [03/03/2016 7:54 PM]
I was baptized in water by Lonnie and he prayed with me to receive the Baptism in Holy Spirit. He fell badly after that but came to repentance before his death. Many personal friends were there.

Diamond Mcnamara [03/04/2016 1:06 PM]
We wish you a joyful and,by all means a successful resurrection in the flesh without – what you might consider – undue delay

Nelson Banuchi [03/04/2016 1:42 PM]
As far as I know, he had an anointing, even while simultaneously engaging in homosexual practices. If not mistaken, he would just come from such engagements and, afterwards, go to preach and, apparently, the anointing was still on him. Nobody knew until he confessed his sin;; but it seems he never repented and died of AIDS.


  • Tim Anderson
    Reply September 10, 2016

    Tim Anderson

    If you look for him on utube there should be some videos. Was a convert with the Jesus Movement in CA. Had a ministry, fell into sin, etc. What I remember reading, no 1st hand knowledge.

  • Stan Wayne
    Reply September 11, 2016

    Stan Wayne

    I was baptized by Lonnie and he prayed for me (and thousands of others) to receive B/HS

  • Stan Wayne
    Reply September 11, 2016

    Stan Wayne

    He had a huge flaw that recurred (homosexual tendency) but he got right at the end – his ministry was amazing – he had a faith and boldness and contagious faith that was very seldom seen again since

  • Jon Ray
    Reply September 12, 2016

    Jon Ray

    That explains a lot

  • Stan Wayne
    Reply September 12, 2016

    Stan Wayne

    Friends of mine took care of him at the end and say he was right with the Lord but what was memorable was his triggering a large portion of the Jesus Movement including Calvary Chapels and the Vineyard movement and even slightly at the beginning the communal movement later known as Shiloh of which I became part also – he was the most Pentecostal of the early Jesus people leaders

  • Jon Ray
    Reply September 12, 2016

    Jon Ray

    Yap – those were the times when the Charismatics began separating drastically from classic Penecostal theology. And quite unfortunately so!

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