Messenger Confidentials: A precious life

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For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease.” – Job 14:7

This morning i saw an old man at the bus stop. He looked the worse for the wear. He had yellow eyes and he was hand rolling a cigarette. I wanted to share my faith in Jesus Christ with him but i felt worlds apart. I prayed, “Lord help” it’s my favorite “go to” prayer. He was talking to himself so i got closer to try and listen. He was talking about the end of the world. I said Jesus said in the last days there would be wars and famines and earthquakes erverywhere. And mens hearts would be cold. But to look up because when you see these things he is soon to come. The old man said people are so hateful. I said it’s easy to hate it’s hard to love. God loves you sir he has not forgotten you sir. Can i pray for you? So I prayed and asked God to touch his heart and give him faith to believe in Jesus Christ. And to break every curse and set him free. then he started praying and asking God to forgive him. There was a young woman there also and she asked for prayer so we prayed again. I asked God to fill their hearts with peace and joy in believing on the Lord Jesus Christ. It is amazing to me how God honors something so simple as a prayer. To think that God in His mercy would grant a miracle a heart dead in sin comes alive unto God. That God would entrust mortal men to such a holy work. I looked into his eyes and they were clear, life and hope had come into the heart and soul of this man. He was changed. God forgave him and gave him a miracle. The bus came and we got on together. The bus stopped again later and we both got off together to go to the grocery store. We walked down the street holding hands and talking about Jesus. Me and the old man made new. Jesus is still in the miracle business!!!

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