Kremlin published Putin’s income on Tax Day

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Kremlin published Putin’s income on Tax Day with official Information on incomes, expenditure, assets and liabilities of the President, the Presidential Executive Office staff appointed to their posts by the President, the Security Council staff, and of their family members is published in accordance with Presidential Executive Order No. 613

MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin earned $134,034 in 2015 compared to just over $115,000 in 2014, according to the leader’s declaration published on the Kremlin website on Friday. According to the declaration, Putin owns a plot of land, as well as two apartments and three vehicles.

WP asked: Is Vladimir Putin hiding a $200 billion fortune? (And if so, does it matter?)

In 2015, the revenues of Russian President Vladimir Putin amounted to 8.9 mln. Rubles (€ 118,745), according to the statement of the head of state said

Compared with the previous year’s income of the president has increased by 1.2 mln. Rubles, and in 2013 its revenues were 3.6 mln. Rubles. Also Vladimir Putin holds two cars – GAZ M-21 and “Niva”. Furthermore, according to the document the president owns the land area of 1500 square meters, housing (77 sq.m.) and garage (18 square meters). According to the statement of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, he earned 8.7 mln. Rubles. He also declared pozemen area of 4700 square meters and housing with an area of 367.80 square meters Medvedev holds two cars: GAZ-20 and GAZ-2013 21.Prez Prime Minister declared revenues of 4.3 mln. Rubles.

Most in 2015 by members of the Russian government won Minister on “open government” Michael Abizov. His income was 455.6 mln. Rubles and has more than doubled compared to 2014, when he was 22 mln. Rubles. Abizov was appointed minister in 2012, passing state service business. In the latest edition of “Forbes” for the 200 richest Russians Abizov is 166th place with a fortune of 600 million. Dollars. A representative of the Minister told the RBK that taxes paid from revenues of Abizov were EUR 50 million. Rubles. Minister gives his entire salary to charity. Second is the representative of the President in the Far East Yury Trutnev with an income of 153, 8 mln. Rubles. Top three revenue office occupies the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis manturovo who has spent 144.7 mln. Rubles.


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