King James Version of the Bible

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Luchen Bailey |


Today we follow up on an interesting fact about the King James Version of the Bible.

First, up front, I am not in any way criticizing the KJV. It is the version I have used for over 67 years and still using it today.

As in any publications, mistakes are made.

John Kissinger [04/14/2015 7:12 AM]
Rick Wadholm Jr if it was good for Paul…

Glynn Brown [04/23/2015 8:23 AM]
Textual criticism is well worth the effort. As well as comparing various translations. That way one translation doesn’t become a tradition that limits our understanding.

Rick Wadholm Jr [04/23/2015 8:27 AM]
I find that many don’t realize the basis for differences in translations even if they note the differences.

John Kissinger [04/23/2015 9:01 AM]
I dont always preach from the NIV but when I do I preach the fire out of it #ourCOG #Comingtoacitynearyou Marc Bowers


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