bro Scotty I think the problem is lack of spirituality. And I dont mean just any given spirituality because obviously the brother who posted on the prophecy has prayed and looked for the Lord’s direction

Main problem is using the gifts of the Church to defend worldly politics. Many examples in the Bible where many pseudo spiritual prophets did that and only but a few preached against imperialistic powers

We know such pseudo spiritual prophets because they only speak when have to defend the politics of their choice. It is sad but true. They have nothing to say about true spirituality, humility, sanctification and holiness. They only get moved by spirit when things do not go their personal way

Specifically I do not buy the things said in the video. They are not Holy Ghost prophecy and for me are more of bewitching. We see the results of this bewitching in the church today. Worshiping the man of sin instead of Jesus

The church must return to its true Holy Ghost spirituality as in the Leon Bible