Is Donald Trump YOUR 2020 #GOP candidate?

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Is Donald Trump Now YOUR 2020 #GOP presidential candidate?

Clarens Lapointe [07/03/2015 9:11 AM]
As long as it’s NOT Hillary Clinton!!!!

David M. Hinsen [07/03/2015 9:15 AM]
I’ve taken some heat for this, but I’d vote for him

Ron Hamm [07/03/2015 11:14 AM]
He has my vote! He is the only one who can beat Hilary. Trump all the way!

Tammy Rockwell [07/03/2015 4:41 PM]
I wish he would shut up and go home. Honestly don’t see the draw.

John Kissinger [07/03/2015 5:02 PM]
almost agreeing with Tammy Rockwell so 3+ divorces and he’s the leading conservative candidate now? Clarens Lapointe David M. Hinsen Ron Hamm

David M. Hinsen [07/03/2015 5:09 PM]
Yep, because being divorced disqualifies you from running for president

John Kissinger [07/03/2015 5:17 PM]
Certainly disqualifies you from being conservative, eh?

David M. Hinsen [07/03/2015 5:34 PM]
Then a lot of conservatives would have to change their party affiliation

Tammy Rockwell [07/03/2015 5:39 PM]
He does what is economically beneficial for him when it comes to politics. He has given as much to Dems as Reps over the years. He has the morals of a a stray dog, he promotes the objectification of women and based on his announcement tirade he just might be xenophobic. He isn’t a conservative, he is the center ring act at the circus.

John Kissinger [07/03/2015 6:11 PM]
Circus is right!

Mario Miller [07/04/2015 12:57 PM]
those who were first will be last, and those who were last shall be first. do not seek the counsel of the ungodly.moreover no!

Richard Briedwell [07/04/2015 3:32 PM]
I dont really know yet

Liberty Gilham [07/05/2015 12:19 PM]
Taking a look at Trump. He hasn’t said anything about same-sex marriage or has he? Definitely something needs to be done about U.S. negotiations in trade deals and with Iran. Hasn’t said how he would go about bringing back companies from overseas. One of the main problems is that companies cannot afford the electricity to manufacture in the U.S. The electric bill is just too high for them. So he’s got to figure out how to get low-cost energy back in the U.S.

Liberty Gilham [07/05/2015 12:23 PM]
Rick Perry puts on glasses and expects us to think he is intelligent now. He has studied up, read up on some of the problems. Said that Kissinger and other thinkers have tutored him. But he’s talking Texas, Texas, Texas. Hey, there are other states that are great, too. My concern with Rick Perry is that his presidency would mainly benefit Texas and not the rest of America. There are 50 states in the United States. His focus is mainly Texas. Could Rick Perry govern America? He’s a fledgling. That’s what he looks like to me. A fledging. Trying to flap his way up. He looks way to weak to me right now.

John Kissinger [07/06/2015 6:28 AM]
The TRUE Front-Runners for the GOP

John Kissinger [07/06/2015 7:28 AM]
Rabbi Vaknin predicted that the 44th president would bring bloodshed (dam) to the Jewish people. It should be noted that the rabbi made this prediction before Obama’s election to office. Vaknin believes that only 44 plus one, or 45, can counter the danger represented by the blood moons.

John Kissinger [07/06/2015 9:13 AM]
But no HONESTLY – would you tell your church to vote for Trump? I know I wouldn’t

John Kissinger [07/06/2015 9:18 AM]

Liberty Gilham [07/06/2015 12:28 PM]
I’m looking at Trump. “Making America Great Again” sounds good to me. Trump isn’t a man anyone can push around. He’s street smart, knows how to deal, knows people, good people instincts. These things appeal to me. No, he’s not perfect and his domestic dealings are not perfect. Americans need to stop looking for moral perfection from these men. They are not angels and never will be. (Barack is a one woman man but people still criticise him and put him down.) Need more information before I’d vote for Trump.

Liberty Gilham [07/06/2015 12:30 PM]
Yes, I am definitely Pentecostal, talk in tongues, operate in gifts, called to office of Evangelist and an ordained minister.

Ron Hamm [07/06/2015 12:35 PM]
I would never tell my church whom to vote for. We need strong leadership. This guy has that in spades. He is NOT a politician. He can get the job done. Will he bring revival to the country? No..I think that job is reserved for the Holy Spirit anyway. We need to learn to relax in Christ and give do our best to work for the salvation of man. Governments never have been able to do that.

Tammy Rockwell [07/06/2015 12:42 PM]
Google “how many times has Donald Trump filed bankruptcy?”

Ron Hamm [07/06/2015 12:45 PM]
I know a great deal about Mr. Trump. I study my candidates very well before I make a decision. I don’t pay much attention to media. Mt. Trump buys companies that are in trouble. He buys many hotels, etc, that are losing money when he acquires them. He uses the bankruptcy laws to relieve them until they can become profitable again. He alone hires more people than most metropolitan cities. I understand his business practice. He probably would have let some very large corporations bankrupt instead of using tax payer money to bail them out.

Liberty Gilham [07/06/2015 12:46 PM]
I would not tell people who to vote for anyway. That’s control and it’s wrong. Let the people think for themselves. Don’t expect them to adhere to a party line. Give them information, let them weigh it and vote their conscience.

Ron Hamm [07/06/2015 12:47 PM]
I don’t tell them how to vote, but I certainly make it understood it’s their civic DUTY to vote. Because of 3 million CHRISTIAN voters last election who would not vote for a Mormon, we had 4 more years of Obama.

Liberty Gilham [07/06/2015 12:48 PM]
Donald Trump is a patriot. He is for America. So many of these politicians are taking millions from Japanese and Chinese business. They take the dough, then give favor to foreign business interests. I heard that they use it for the Presidential libraries. I can tell you more if you want the information.

John Kissinger [07/06/2015 2:50 PM]
Ron Hamm

Michael Holland [07/23/2015 9:28 AM]

Peter P. Macinta [07/23/2015 9:46 AM]

George Parker [07/23/2015 8:13 PM]
H___ no.

Daniel Knight [07/27/2015 12:53 PM]
Yes he is, he mite not be perfect , but this is what this country needs


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