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Tom Steele | PentecostalTheology.com

If you truly follow the Lord Jesus Christ, and place your faith in His Word as the absolute truth, then you have no business celebrating Halloween in any form or fashion. No matter where you stand on Holidays and Holy Days, this is the one “celebration” that there is absolutely no room for compromise on among Bible-Believers.


John Kissinger [10/20/2015 9:31 AM]
Good topic. Let’s hear more opinions in this discussion http://www.pentecostaltheology.com/haunted-house-experience-in-your-church-is-from-the-devil/

Tom Steele [10/20/2015 12:46 PM]
The OP on the “Truth Ignited” page got a lot of response with differing views. If the conversation doesn’t start up here in this group, you can always click on the image and join that discussion (y)

John Kissinger [10/24/2015 8:34 PM]

Corey Forsyth [10/24/2015 9:02 PM]
This one was a heated topic to say the least on another forum… I used to believe that this was an evil day and would basically cower in my house that night waiting for the evil to pass. Now, I believe it to be nothing more than another day. Just as Christmas is either a holy day or a day of presents and excess food, Halloween is either a frightful day of evil or another day. I also don’t understand why we don’t have the option of taking this day and turning into an evangelistic opportunity. Even if the devil had this day completely reserved, is God not bigger than he is? Couldn’t we harness this opportunity to spread the gospel despite enemy plans? Let the fighting begin… lol

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