How to Resist the WEF :: By Bill Wilson

How to Resist the WEF :: By Bill Wilson

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A communist utopia with China as the model—this appears to be the unspoken goal of the World Economic Forum as it touts “collective” action on ambiguous areas such as climate control, health equity, finances, mobility, energy, food, education, and technology. These areas affect each of our lives, and the WEF cabal intends to control us with the flip of a switch.

WEF Partners

When you look at the thousands of companies and world leaders who support this collective, it can seem overwhelming to try to resist it. But just like the Bible warns about taking the mark of the Beast in the end of days, we should practice not being part of the far-reaching and tyrannical tentacles of the WEF.

A COVID-induced loss of life and subsequent economic recession, runaway inflation, and rising interest rates have dampened the progress of the globalist world order. Their handling of these macro issues is less than effective, giving a great deal of pause to the great reset.

The Wall Street Journal, for example, reported that the mood at Davos was somber amid these worldwide economic woes post-COVID. This may lead some to believe that the global cabal overshot its command and control as the COVID vaccines were found to be ineffective and unsafe, leaving a rift of side effects and excess deaths in their wake. Lockdowns were counterproductive because they ruined world economies, and the government-corporate partnerships proffered by the WEF proved incapable of handling the aftermath of their actions.

This general situation created by the WEF brain trust is destined to fail. The WEF’s success relies heavily on profit through collectivism, which we know only works for a handful. If WEF corporate partners face financial stress due to the failings or shortcomings of the government policy partners, the WEF house of cards starts collapsing.

COVID provided the vehicle of policy control as supported by global corporations. Their lockdowns demonstrating population control threw the world into a recession where drug companies and medical firms prospered, but challenges are faced by the rest of the captains of industry. The media suffered credibility, and people started pushing back with a lack of confidence. Individuals can resist the WEF and its global play for tyranny by pushing along the failures of collectivism.

Don’t buy into what they are doing. Resist wokeness—you know what it is—the issues these people use to divide us. Speak and work against them. When they say something is moral, know that it’s immoral and don’t do it. Look at the list of companies that support WEF and try to boycott them. If everyone reduced their purchases from these companies by even 10%, it would be a major financial issue for them.

Take your money out of their investment funds; put it into other assets. Find ways to build community with your neighbors and friends. We all need support. Exchange food and services in helping one another. Pray and Act.

As Christ said in John 13:34, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”

Know who you are, and be that person.

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