Ricky Grimsley Dan Irving
IF dominion theology is the Beast of Revelation
THEN, the following questions must be answered:

Who or what is the beast of Revelation 13 and 17? Is it a man?—a church?—a government?—an empire?
Who is the “WOMAN” of Revelation 17 who rides it?
What is the “MARK of the beast”?
What is the “IMAGE of the beast”?
Who is the “FALSE PROPHET” often spoken of in conjunction with the beast?
When will these things occur—how long must we wait to see these figures appear?
How will world trends, conditions and events spawn the beast’s arrival?
Why is it so important to correctly identify it, with all related prophecies?
How will it affect YOU?
AND this is HOW Dominion Theology is tied to various latter day heresies and why it will be the theology of the Woman who rides the Beast in Revelation chapter 17