God Has Favorites

God Has Favorites – Ray E Horton

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We know that God is “no respecter of persons” (Acts 10:34), not showing partiality in His love for and call to people, no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, etc. Peter saw that when he discovered that God accepted the Gentiles.

That being said, He opened my eyes to something yesterday morning.

God spoke to my heart:

I do have favorites, not that I love others any less. But those who seek Me with all their hearts, hungry to be like Me, who commune with Me, and follow through as I guide them, it is with these that I show particular favor and blessing. For, it is those who have the faith to receive all that I have for them.

“It is time for that shift to a life sold out to Jesus”

“And, as you receive with thankfulness what I put into you, My favor and blessing will overflow from you to others as they too turn back to their first love and seek Me with all their hearts.

“My glorious remnant church is being built with such as these, and they will impact the world.”

I saw that God loves the world, all people, and those who are born again and spirit-filled experience His favor. But, a third group, thus who seek to give themselves over totally to Him, experience a very special level of favor and blessing, because, like He said, “they have the faith to receive.”

It is happening now! it is time for that shift to a life sold out to Jesus, and you can do it, not in your own strength, but by His grace.

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Ray E Horton

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