Global Outreach Day

Global Outreach Day

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On May 25th 2019, millions of Christians will be sharing the Gospel message around the world. The vision is so simple that every church and every Christian can join in. Each person, using his own gifts and personality, can share the Gospel in a unique way that is appropriate for his cultural environment.

The dynamic growth of the Global Outreach Day has been enormous! In just a short time, many, many ministries and churches have promised their support

Internationally known leaders such as Loren Cunningham (YWAM), Reinhard Bonnke (CfaN), Dick Eastman (EHC), Mark Anderson (Call2all), as well as organizations like the Church of God, Evangelism Explosive, oneHope, and many more have already become committed supporters of the vision.

Furthermore, a cooperation with global prayer networks like the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP), the International House of Prayer (IHOP) and 24/7 has been resolved. The GDOP organizes a prayer day every year during Pentecost, mobilizing millions of intercessors in over 200 countries.

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