Fiorina needs to be heard!

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Jon Sellers says that: Fiorina needs to be heard!

John Kissinger [08/08/2015 2:37 PM]
Jon Sellers do you think that she will last that long?

Jon Sellers [08/08/2015 2:40 PM]
She is just getting good attention and media while Trump is starting to flame out. She is articulate, has sound policy ideas, is a consistent conservative. Trump has changed his positions, is letting his mouth get him into unnecessary trouble and is showing the nation his weaknesses. If Trump can’t handle Megyn Kelly with respect and public decorum, how will he handle the vicious attacks from the other media?

John Kissinger [08/08/2015 6:45 PM]

John Kissinger [08/10/2015 4:21 AM]

John Kissinger [08/10/2015 4:47 PM]
is she the one that bankrupted HP?

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