Even idolators provide evidence for God’s truth

Robert Bowie Johnson | PentecostalTheology.com

Even idolators provide evidence for God’s truth. The ancestor-worshiping Greeks knew exactly where they came from – and it was Eden. Pictured: sculptures over the entrance to the temple of Zeus at Olympia (440 BC). Left, Nimrod/Herakles overcomes a 3-bodied man representing the authority of the 3 sons of Noah. Then, right, Nimrod/Herakles, with the help of his grandmother Naamah/Athena, is able to push away the heavens, and with them the God of the heavens, enabling him to get back to the serpent’s “enlightenment” symbolized by the serpent’s apples presented to him by his great-grandfather, and ruler of the pre-Flood world, Lamech (Genesis 4:18-22)/Atlas. www.genesisingreekart.com

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