Dr. Gary Yates, Jeremiah, Lecture 4, Historical Setting

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Biblical eLearning (http://biblicalelearning.org) presents: Dr. Gary Yates on Jeremiah
This is the fourth of thirty lectures on the Book of Jeremiah by Dr. Gary Yates. Gary is the head of the Th. M. program at Liberty University. He has published numerous articles on Jeremiah: “Jeremiah’s Message of Judgment and Hope for God’s Unfaithful ‘Wife'”, Bibliotheca Sacra (2010); New Exodus and No Exodus in Jeremiah 26-45 Promise and Warning to the Exiles in Babylon,” Tyndale Bulletin (2006) and “Ishmael’s Assassination of Gedaliah: Echoes of the Saul-David Story in Jeremiah 40:7-41:18,” Westminster Theological Journal (2005). He is also
authoring a book on the Book of the Twelve (forthcoming).

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