Does Romans 7 describe the Christian Life?


New article: “Does Romans 7 describe the Christian Life?”


  • Reply March 31, 2016

    Charles Page


  • Reply April 1, 2016

    Roger David

    No, it describes the life of a pharisee still in bondage to the law of sin and death. It does not describe someone who is a slave to righteousness and has a clear conscience before God.

  • Reply June 23, 2016

    Mary Ellen Nissley

    It is a description of what my life was between the new birth and my sanctification.
    I didn’t even know what I needed. All I knew was that I was completely defeated in trying to be good… I knew I had given my heart to God, and I loved him. I just couldn’t get my act together. I was saved at age 8… and struggled until I was 17.
    One day, on a choir bus, I heard a song on the speakers, as we were sitting in a parking lot, broke down again… “Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet…” And I suddenly knew it was TRUTH. It was like Jesus came onto that Mennonite church bus, and walked down the aisle to me, and laid his hand on me. I KNEW I was completely clean, and OH the relief I felt! I laid my head on my pillow, and wept. No one else on the bus had any idea what was going on. They probably thought I was just tired. They were laughing and milling around. But I was in another world… just Jesus and me. And I have never been the same since.

  • Reply June 24, 2016

    Louise Cummings

    For as many that led by His Spirit.

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