These two prophetic words are as applicable today as when the Lord gave them to me and I posted them six years ago:

“‘A Great Awakening is at hand! You each have a part in it. Take the authority of My Word, given unto you, and tear down the strongholds of the enemy all around you. Be bold in using My Name, the Name of Jesus. Grow strong in faith through much use, and watch great breakthroughs, even miracles, be accomplished by Me, through you, in this new season. I have many surprises in store this coming year for the world and for the enemy, but you, who stand strong in expectant faith, will not be surprised. You will rejoice at the fulfillment of My Word.'” (Jan. 7, 2012)

“‘This year much darkness shall be driven back as My people step out and let My glory shine forth.’  Yes, that means you and I. God has a vision for multitudes to be saved this year. In expectant faith, let us be ready to be used, sharing God’s Word, His Vision, His Love as opportunity arises. Let us pray for, believe for, and watch for divine appointments to be used by Him in His power. We each have a big role in bringing His vision to pass in our own sphere of influence.” (Jan. 7, 2012)

Ray E Horton

Serving the Lord as encourager, reconciler, intercessor and prophetic teacher of God's Word, primarily in person and on Facebook, as well as writer and editor. Beyond, or as part of, the Ministry of Reconciliation that we are all called to, I am serving the Lord and His people as a minister of prayer at a local church, and encouraging the brethren locally among people I know, and worldwide on Facebook

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