CONFESSIONS OF A STREET PREACHER: Every way of a man is right

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“Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the LORD pondereth the hearts.”
– Proverbs 21:2

Nothing like tears and brokenness to renew a man’s vigor and fight. So I headed out tonight. Out to the field covered in snow. It occurred to me a street preacher ought to know his field. That means talking to sinners. Visit their habitations and their haunts. How will you handle their objections and strip away their facades and find their hiding places if you do not survey and consider the field with it’s rows and ditches. It’s thistles and fallow ground.
You pass a boarded up house. City says condemned. A broken window on the home next door. A corner store with cheap beer and cigarettes. The old stone church is closed for the night. A smoke shop with it’s paraphernalia. God turned up the heat and the hate for the curse of drugs it’s broken homes, stolen dreams and heartache. That would have been a good spot but they were closed. Then the gas station on the border of tinder box and capitalism.

4,5 miles sloshing through the snow so what? Uptown. Downtown. The University. The Riverside. Adam Sandler. Everyone is walking right in. Onesies and twosies. A few good conversations for Christ. A good strong rebuke of the well meaning Christian. says “keep up the good work” only to find out he’s sleeping with a woman not his wife. Told him it’s sin he ought to stop it. Says he can’t hold to what Paul says because Paul had a problem with women. So I told him, “Jesus Christ himself rebuked the church for their sexual sin in the book of Revelation. Repent you’re in sin before God. You’re a hypocrite telling me you’re a faithful Christian.” Then they want to mock you. Oh you’re not a sinner. You’re righteous. “Yes Jesus Christ delivers me from sin. And yes God gives me Righteousness by faith in Jesus Christ.” And he’ll take that sin and lust and lying out if your heart too.
So I’m looking for a whore house now or a dope spot or a liquor store. In love and joy. Not with lightness but a sincere joy. Darkness is coming. A few more minutes… A memorial on the corner. Plastic flowers covered in snow. Another one of our young men gone in the prime of life.
Leaving 53206 for 53215 from Gangster disciples to Latin kings. The hustlers, dude, dog, and home boy.

I really believe we can have revival this year. But it won’t come watching t.v. or talking about the pastor…

That can of peaches is going to taste real good. Thanks for letting me share and grow and try to serve Jesus Christ. Sometimes you fail. Sometimes you succeed. But you’ll never know if you don’t try. Maybe God will grant revival tomorrow. If that don’t make cry you better check your pulse…

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