Catholics engaging with protestants

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John Ruffle |


One argument Catholics use when engaging with protestants is that every individual believer and/or denomination nsjdvtheurcienxspin in the Gisoel tbsvibfaabkr one.

John Ruffle [01/11/2016 1:23 PM]
Woops! Tongues? Fix on Tuesday.

John Kissinger [01/11/2016 1:26 PM]
it appears our brother John Ruffle is now typing in tongues đŸ™‚

Brody Pope [01/11/2016 1:55 PM]
Pfffft lol

John Conger [01/11/2016 2:05 PM]
Let the others judge ?

Troy Day [02/17/2016 7:53 PM]

John Ruffle [02/18/2016 2:57 AM]
Someone’s going to be going to confession!

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