WHO is the BEAST of Revelation ?

As far back as I can remember, people have been speculating about the identity of the “Antichrist,” an evil figure referenced in portions of…

Temptation Analyzed

Today’s lesson on “Temptation Analyzed ” by Dr. Paul Lee. Lesson 14 from the series, “Revival”

Trojan Horse

Today we look at “Trojan Horse” Today’s lesson by Dr. Paul Lee. Lesson 13 from the series, “Revival”

9 People Run the WORLD

Džulieto Chiesa: 9 people each month gather at a restaurant of “Wall Street” and play with the fate of 6 billion Džulieto Chiesa is…

WHY AM I NOT A CALVINIST AGAIN? #Pentecostal #Christian…

WHY AM I NOT A CALVINIST? #Pentecostal #Christian #CHURCH