Be ye followers

Be ye followers

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Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.
– 1 Corinthians 11:1

Followers of me has to be one of the boldest and most confident things that could be said in the way of holiness . As followers of Christ, disciples even, we dont see many men like Paul. Examples of courage temperance and vision . We see it in Paul only in hindsight . Paul for all his grace and knowledge of Christ was a man of authority and real power . commanding a man be blind for a season for opposing the gospel and turning another man in gross sin over to the devil that his soul could be saved .
today theres much talk of apostles and pastors and teachers and prophets and even evangelist, they want the titles and the power and the respect but the real tragedy is the lack of character .
Paul says follow me as I follow Christ . meaning I have one direction and one cause and one great desire . follow me as I follow Christ . Paul had a real experience with the living Christ . he was a God fearing man . a man of faith and prayer . a man on a mission. Paul had the call of God on his life . Its separate from this world . its different than this world . If you want Christian men to follow you wheres the difference ?

This kid has never taken a bad photo . Elijah my little fire caller .

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