BBC News: 5 reasons Brexit signals Trump winning

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Mr Trump and Boris Johnson have tapped into similar moods of disgruntlement. Here’s five reasons why.

  1. Angry electorate
  2. Globalisation
  3. Immigration
  4. Lost pride
  5. Populism


  • Reply June 22, 2016

    David Rollings

    I hope Britain votes to remain in Europe, that is the way I will be voting tomorrow. Johnson leaves me cold, I don’t understand why he attracts support. The more he speaks the more I am put off the leave campaign.

  • Jon Ray
    Reply June 22, 2016

    Jon Ray

    Trump vs Hillary in the final. Called long time ago with Jon Sellers But will he get that nomination after all? Stan Wayne

  • Stan Wayne
    Reply June 22, 2016

    Stan Wayne

    Uh huh

  • Varnel Watson
    Reply June 24, 2016

    Varnel Watson

    Trump vs Hillary We called it long ago with Jon Sellers It would be interesting to see though – since Britain elected to leave EU, would US elect Hillary John Ruffle

  • Richard A Hodges Jr.
    Reply June 24, 2016

    Richard A Hodges Jr.

    I hope so ,Hillary Clinton need’s to be President ,Trump will do and say anything to get elected, i love his saying they LOVE ME and I Love You, why are you people called Christians so hell bent on Trump he is not a Christian ,he is a really rich and give the Devil the keys to the Kingdom and with his temper the USA will be in trouble ,so Open your Minds and get educated

  • John Ruffle
    Reply June 25, 2016

    John Ruffle

    I think Trump will get elected. I hope so – given the choices. You guys will get a’binary vote’ the same way our referendum has been. Real choices are being taken away from the people. The referendum was a choice of two extremes. The US presidentials are the same way. Two extremes. Polorise the population .. divide and conquer.

  • Reply July 13, 2016

    Pat Fretwell

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