BARNA GROUP: Top 12 Issues the Church Wants to Hear

BARNA GROUP: Top 12 Issues the Church Wants to Hear

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BARNA GROUP: Top 12 Issues the Church Wants to Hear #ourCOG

1. Abortion: Beginning of life, right to life, contraception, adoption, unwed mothers. 91%

2. Religious persecution/liberty: Personal duty, government duty, church response, global conditions. 86%

3. Poverty: Personal duty, government role, church role, homelessness, hunger, dependency. 85%

4. Cultural restoration: Appropriate morals, law and order, defensible values and norms, self-government. 83%

5. Sexual identity: Same-sex marriage, transgenderism, marriage, LGBT. 82%

6. Israel: Its role in the world, Christian responsibility to Israel, US foreign policy toward Israel and its enemies. 80%

7. Christian Heritage: role of Christian faith in American history, church role in US development, moder-day relevance. 79%

8. Role of Government: Biblical view, church-state relationship, personal responsibility, limitations. 76%

9. Bioethics: Cloning, euthanasia, genetic engineering, cryogenics, organ donation, surrogacy. 76%

10. Self-governance: Biblical support, personal conduct, impact on freedom, national sovereignty. 75%

11. Church in politics/government: Separation of church and state, legal boundaries, church resistance to government. 73%

12. Islam: Core beliefs, response to Islamic aggression, threat to US peace and domestic stability. 72%

James L Alldredge [12/09/2015 2:32 PM]
Would have preferred a list of what Jesus wants preached…1. Repentance from sin 2. Remission of sin…

John Conger [12/10/2015 10:24 AM]
Interesting. Seems like another example of Americans saying one thing and doing another. Seems like the just flock to hear a narcissistic gospel that is all about what God wants to do for them

John Kissinger [12/10/2015 11:10 AM]
Barna’s saying one thing or the church?

John Conger [12/10/2015 12:41 PM]
I mean the church today seems like all they want is for God to bless them. This poll is in direct contrast to what’s being preached in most mega churches

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