Assemblies scholars, William Menzies and Stanley Horton on Bible Doctrines

Randy Buchanan |

From AG scholars, William Menzies’ and Stanley Horton’s Bible Doctrines – A Pentecostal Perspective

Complete chapter runs from pages 145-154 if anyone wants to read their analysis in full.


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    Terry Wiles

    And what say ye, Troy Day

  • Reply May 23, 2018

    Varnel Watson

    I say what I always say Terry Wiles AG believes in instant entire sanctification at salvation. It’s the only way the Holy Spirit can enter a human heart. God will not baptize the unsanctified

  • Amen be blessed much

    Am Emmanuel from Tanzania am give thanks to my God because am born again

    Please may I have yo Email because I want to lean more and more about the GOD knowledge

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