Are YOU Delivered from Doubting Thomas during COVID-10 Pandemic


Many people need deliverance from the spirit of Doubting Thomas.

Charles Page [08/22/2015 4:26 PM]
I knew Peter had a spirit, Judas had a spirit now Thomas had a spirit…did all the disciples have spirits? At the last supper it seemed they all had spirits.

Peter A Vandever [08/22/2015 4:27 PM]
did you read it?

Charles Page [08/22/2015 4:28 PM]

Peter A Vandever [08/22/2015 8:56 PM]
What you think?

Charles Page [08/22/2015 9:10 PM]
the spirit of doubting is overcome by hearing the rightly divided word. Some of God’s children are stiffnecked and resist the Holy Ghost.

John Kissinger [08/22/2015 10:58 PM]
How many people exactly?

Charles Page [08/22/2015 11:07 PM]

John Kissinger [08/22/2015 11:10 PM]
Usually when Peter A Vandever says “many people” he means 2 or 3 at most

Peter A Vandever [08/22/2015 11:11 PM]
Most of the Western Church needs deliverance from doubting lol

Charles Page [08/22/2015 11:14 PM]
how many western churches?

Peter A Vandever [08/22/2015 11:19 PM]

Charles Page [08/22/2015 11:22 PM]
all Amerikan churches!!!

Charles Page [08/23/2015 6:05 AM]
speaking in tongues are for doubting churches. Prophecy is for believing churches. Believing churches need comfort, edification and exhortation; a medium for greater growth.

Doubting churches are unbelieving and unlearned churches and their doubt is directed toward the believing churches. They THINK God is with them and that He is NOT with the believing churches. They exist inn a medium of doubt, negativity and strong institutional loyalty. Their medium promotes wealth, buildings, hierarchy and a fortified institution. They use a gelding process to make their followers mules.

Ed Lane [08/28/2015 11:33 AM]
say what?

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