Are the minions of “Despicable Me” masonic?

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Are the minions of “Despicable Me” masonic?

1. Serving the most despicable master
2. upside down pyramid
3. one eye
4. Capital “G” on their chest
5. in search for the most evil master to lead them

John Kissinger [11/19/2015 5:34 PM]
hey Link what has been the teaching about secret societies in the various Pentecostal denominations you’ve been part of in years past?

Link Hudson [11/19/2015 5:58 PM]
I heard one Messianic minister who is ordained A/G mention the Illuminati. Other than that, I haven’t heard any Illuminati stuff in church, only from individuals. I did discuss the topic with the Messianic guy and I said I wasn’t sure if I believed that there was a big conspiracy by 17th century European intellectuals, Jesuits, European royalty and the pope to overthrow European royalty, take lands away from the Catholic church, and to make really Hollywood movies to corrupt the young. (Not sure exactly what I said, but it was something like that.)

Glynn Brown [11/19/2015 6:36 PM]

Glynn Brown [11/19/2015 6:43 PM]
Where did you find such a nutty article?
It said nearly all the presidents were masons,nope only 14.
The illuminati had nothing to do with masonry either.

Glynn Brown [11/19/2015 7:03 PM]
Also ‘skull and bones’ is not affiliated with masonry.

John Kissinger [11/19/2015 7:21 PM]

Glynn Brown [11/19/2015 7:22 PM]

John Kissinger [11/19/2015 7:31 PM]
Link Hudson This is straight from AG “The largest Christian church in the world does not allow Masons to partake of communion and declares that participation in Masonry is a sin.”…/topics/charctr_16_secret_societie.cfm

Glynn Brown [12/14/2015 11:20 AM]
Isn’t it odd that the AG doesn’t name the ‘largest Christian church in the world’???
It’s because it’s the ROMAN CATHOLIC church. Most pentecostals call it the ‘great whore of Babylon ‘.
So why is the AG agreeing with the Vatican and the pope?

Charismatic Theology [12/14/2015 12:25 PM]

Glynn Brown [12/14/2015 2:23 PM]
Just goes to show that everyone who calls himself a preacher,doesn’t belong on the pulpit.

John Kissinger [12/14/2015 4:23 PM]

Glynn Brown [12/14/2015 4:33 PM]
Manly p. Hall wrote the lost keys to freemasonry about two decades before he became a mason. Something the article conveniently fails to mention. It’s a double headed eagle, not a phoenix. (By the way the phoenix was an early Christian symbol)
Lucifer is also not Satan (this is only church tradition) lucifer wasn’t associated with Satan until after the kjv. The term luciferian came from those that followed saint Lucifer of Cagliari (a 4th century Latin church father and defender of Athanasius.)

Let me know when you have real facts from credible sources.

John Kissinger [12/14/2015 4:33 PM]
Glynn Brown you are wrong about that – just get over it 🙂

Glynn Brown [12/14/2015 4:49 PM]
Wrong about what?

Glynn Brown [12/14/2015 4:54 PM]
I was wrong about ‘two decades ‘ before Manly p. Hall became a mason. It was three decades (31 years)
And 50 years before he became a 32nd level.

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