Another look at the cross

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Street Preacherz |


Another look at the cross.

The spiritual mind knows the wealth invested there and the depth of wisdom expressed there and the love unleashed there and the mercy that draws us there. And the humility that keeps us there.
The natural mind despises the cross it’s weakness and shame and curse.
The Cross is the only place a man can meet God. The Cross is the central piece in God’s plan for man. A couple of nails an old wooden beam. And the spotless Lamb of God. The investment. The retribution. The price. The purchase. And man’s soul is redeemed. Bought out from the cruel taskmaster sin. The hostage, the rebel, the enemy of God is released. The ransom is paid. The hostage set free. By faith in Jesus Christ. My Redeemer lives. Exalted. Able.
Looking at the Cross believing in the work of Christ on that cross a man is saved. Saved by grace through faith in Him. God did it. that he might be just and the justifier of the one that trusts in Jesus.
The remorse is more not less. The guilt however is gone. The wound though deep is cleansed. The death though real has lifted. The life the hope the light of Christ abides, fills, comforts and delivers.
There at the cross mortal men receive the life of God. Dead men come alive. the spirit that was dead in sin comes alive in Jesus Christ. The cross is the investment, the gold, and the glory of the loving just true holy Righteous​ God.


  • Reply July 18, 2017

    Street Preacherz

    It’s a feeble spire that has no Cross.

  • Reply July 18, 2017

    Varnel Watson

    Where’s your tempeler’s cross? Highly occult and very much present on early Pentecostal rubber stamps 🙂

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