America’s Founders freely intermingled Christian teachings and values with their…

America’s Founders freely intermingled Christian teachings and values with their…

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Should ministers and pastors ignore the Johnson Amendment and address the mid-term elections this Sunday? Here are my thoughts on the matter. Actually, “Election Sermons” were common, and expected, in early America.

America’s Founders freely intermingled Christian teachings and values with their civic elections.

The Puritans, the Pilgrims and other early groups were eminently Christian. Not so the Masons. The Masons came much later. They were pagan to the core, but they were wealthy and educated. They came with a single mandate; create, form, and give birth to the New Atlantis…

The Protestant Christians who formed the bulk of the population were God fearing people. They loved God and they were happy with a simple life. Compared to the new batch of Masonic immigrants, they were poor and relatively uneducated. These people presented a major challenge to those who would form Plato’s Republic on these shores.

And so, the pagan Masonic families put on a Christian face, a façade of righteousness. With their money and education, they founded Christian Colleges and Seminaries… Soon Masons, fully convinced that they had a truth of which the poor Christians were unworthy, became Pastors, College Professors and Seminary teachers… It was not long until the mixture was accomplished and the average American Christian believed that the one their leaders called Providence was their God and that the Platonic principles of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness were Biblical Principles, guaranteed by the God of Abraham.

When the children of the Masonic Immigrants came of age, they divided the people into thirteen colonies, but none of the Christians recognized the magic in that number. Through the manufactured pain and bloodshed of the Revolutionary War, they gave birth to the New Atlantis, and called it the United States of America.

When they united thirteen colonies into one, the Christians saw nothing wrong.

When they added a fourteenth part, different from the rest and placed it in the middle, the Christians failed to recognize the Egyptian Magic in that act. It is doubtful that anyone outside of the Masonic families had ever even heard the story of Isis, Set, Osiris and Horus… If they had been taught such things, they would have known.

When they called the fourteenth part Washington DC, the Christians failed to understand that the District of Colombia was named for the pagan goddess of liberty.

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