A Parting Word Of Gratitude

A Parting Word Of Gratitude

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Pneuma 31 (2009) 165-166

A Parting Word of Gratitude

Frank D. Macchia

I am leaving Pneuma after nearly eleven years as its Editor. Where has the time gone? In many ways, I feel as though I have grown with the Journal. The Soci- ety for Pentecostal Theology should be proud of the scholarship that has appeared in the pages of Pneuma. I refer here to what Luther called a “holy pride” that gives God the ultimate glory. I feel privileged to have played a role in seeing this scholarship come to print. Over the years, I have read every article submit- ted to Pneuma and I have been enriched by them all, including those that did not make it into print. T at scholarship has greatly impacted my own work in so many positive ways, a debt that I could only begin to repay by adding my own voice to the many others in larger conversation. What an important con- versation this is, since we are on the ground fl oor of critical and constructive engagement with the Christian faith as nourished by Pentecostal and Charis- matic Movements. Tese movements are relatively young and are only begin- ning to fl ourish in the development of the unique resources that they off er the larger context of Christian scholarship. What a privilege it is to be a part of it and to bless countless others through this work.

T ere are many who deserve my heartfelt thanks. My editorial team (Amos Yong, Edmund Rybarczyk, Nancy DeFlon), the Executive Committees headed by Bill Faupel and (later) David Roebuck, the many scholars that have taken the time from their busy schedules to review pieces for us, the eficient people at Brill (especially Dick Kraaij and Regina Reincke), the graduate assistants who have aided me (most recently, Walter Alexander), the authors who have sub- mitted articles for consideration, and, last but not least, the readers who have subscribed to Pneuma, thus helping to carry the fi nancial burden of this his- toric scholarship, though it might have been more fi nancially benefi cial to try to access the journal some other way.

I am now pleased to place the Journal into the capable hands of Amos Yong and Dale Coulter at Regent University Divinity School. Pneuma will now be housed at Regent after nearly twenty years of residence at Vanguard University

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI: 10.1163/027209609X12470371387642



F. D. Macchia / Pneuma 31 (2009) 165-166

of Southern California. This will also be the first time that Pneuma will be led by a co-editorship. I am confi dent that Pneuma will fl ourish under their direc- tion. T ey will take the Journal to another level, and I will share in the Society’s joy at what God will do through their leadership. I will now join the ranks of those within the Society who have no other relation to Pneuma except receiving it in the mail and submitting an occasional article for consideration.


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