13 Bible questions from ACTS 17 you just can’t answer

13 Bible questions from ACTS 17 you just can’t answer

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1. Who was Paul’s audience in the above-mentioned cities? What response did he get? What is the significance of the Sermon on Mars Hill? Finally, we will look for applications for the modern church
2. What strategy was employed by Paul in Thessalonica and Berea?
3. Why are the responses of the Thessalonians and Bereans so different from one another
4. What strategy does Paul employ in Athens and why did he choose this strategy
5. What decree is Luke referring to, and why was the edict being upheld in such a dramatic way?
6. For we too are his offspring (Acts 17:28-29). Which poets are Paul quoting, and why does he do this?
7. Why is the resurrection of Christ such a source of derision for the Athenians
8. WHAT was his manner?
9. Is Paul standing before an official trial
10. Is Paul presenting a syncretic gospel
11. Was he compromising the message of the gospel by using Greek references in his appeal
12. WHY was Paul waiting for int Athens

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