The Bible and Its Reception from SBL

The Bible and Its Reception from SBL

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Biblical Themes in Science Fiction

Nicole L. Tilford and Kelly J. Murphy, editors

Biblical Themes in Science Fiction is a handbook for exploring how biblical themes appear in contemporary science fiction. Contributors examine the relationship between ancient and modern depictions of Adam and Eve, the tower of Babel, Noah’s ark, handmaids, utopian cities, the promised land, the city of Babylon, messiahs, resurrection, and the apocalypse. Essays are supplemented by images and key science fiction sources for diving deeper into how the Bible influenced authors of not only literature but of films and video games as well. An afterword considers the imaginative impulses common to both science fiction and biblical texts.

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Drawn to the Word: The Bible and Graphic Design

Amanda Dillon

How artists portrayed the Bible in large canvas paintings is frequently the subject of scholarly exploration, yet the presentation of biblical texts in contemporary graphic designs has been largely ignored. In this book Amanda Dillon engages multimodal analysis, a method of semiotic discourse, to explore how visual composition, texture, color, directionality, framing, angle, representations, and interactions produce potential meanings for biblical graphic designs, particularly in the woodcuts of Meinrad Craighead for the Roman Catholic Sunday Missal and the illustrations of Nicholas Markell for the worship books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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The Art of Biblical Interpretation: Visual Portrayals of Scriptural Narratives

Heidi J. Hornik, Ian Boxall, and Bobbi Dykema, editors

For centuries Christians have engaged their sacred texts as much through the visual as through the written word. Yet until recent decades, the academic disciplines of biblical studies and art history largely worked independently. This richly illustrated volume bridges that gap with the interdisciplinary work of biblical scholars and art historians. Focusing on the visualization of biblical characters from both the Old and New Testaments, essays illustrate the potential of such collaboration for a deeper understanding of the Bible and its visual reception.


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Jewish Biblical Exegesis from Islamic Lands: The Medieval Period

Meira Polliack and Athalya Brenner Idan, editors

Medieval Judeo-Arabic translations of the Hebrew Bible and their commentaries provide a rich source for understanding a formative period in the intellectual, literary, and cultural history and heritage of the Jews in Islamic lands. The carefully selected texts in this volume offer intriguing insight into Arabic translations and commentaries by Rabbanite and Karaite Jewish exegetes from the tenth to the twelfth centuries CE.

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