HEre we go Charles Page First time we discussed it was under our AG sanctification doctrine

The term FIRE-BAPTIZED was introduced to the Holiness movement BEFORE they were baptized with the HG.. Irwin taught of a third blessing that came after salvation and entire sanctification called the “baptism of fire.” While speaking in tongues was not unheard of among the Fire-Baptized Holiness, it was not (or perhaps not yet) understood as the initial evidence of fire baptism. This idea was formulated by Charles Parham and only began to influence the Fire-Baptized Church (est. 1895 Lincoln, Nebraska) as news of the Azusa Street Revival spread after 1906. By 1900 (i.e. before Azusa), Irwin also taught there were additional “baptisms of fire” he called baptisms of “dynamite”, “lyddite”, and “oxidite”. This “chemical jargon” never took root within the church and was abandoned by Irwin’s successors. It was also discarded by the few Pentecostal circles that adopted it once the doctrine of HS baptism was finalized at Azusa and denominations like AoG and CoG introduced their doctrinal statements. We had a great discussion about those early roots not long ago, but I cannot find the article. Perhaps Charles Page remembers it and can point you to it