Is this a trap or something? Aren’t Apostles ordained by God.
But you ask.
We have a guy in town that people say is the 13th apostle or something. I never been there. I don’t know. If you ain’t praying in Jesus name it’s a no. You got nothing coming. I don’t care who you are. Titles won’t help you.
I met a missionary once started and nurtures dozens of churchs but you’d never know it. Seems like a regular guy. No fuss. No title or fancy robes. I believe the title and office of Apostle is legitimate even if there are abuses and fakes. But before you get upset there are fake bishops and fake preachers too. You may as well set the table. For the record God has always had mercy on me in giving me good pastors. I don’t know any fake pastors. There’s no glory in changing diapers or tending sheep. Week after week year after year they’re there. Don’t ask to fight anybody over it. If you’re happy with the way things are in your church good for you. I couldn’t be more happy. God bless you.