I am afraid there will be no need for that. It was sufficient to answer your question and provide clear information of Pat Robertson and his CBN to kingdom-now dominionism as we did. The dangers of such theology are clear and well shown in this group by both Walter Polasik and Dan Irving

Again we are discussing the theology and not the person, but since you are bringing prayer for Pat and CBN we even more so need to pray for the thousands infected with his unbiblical kingdom-now theology through his media enterprise, political campaigns, financial sponsoring, etc. We can only hope that the mass damage done is not irreversible.

Additionally, bro Polasik has brought our attention to the damaging effect of kingdom-now theology in regard to the current administration. The church is brought under political agendas that are clearly not Christ-like. We have been instructed by some to honor the new emperor before honoring King Jesus. This is dominion mentality at its best and we are to warn the church against it before it is too late. The main danger stated once again is:

establishing an earthly kingdom in God’s name
without Christ the King physically present among us
Many churches before us have fallen in this satanic trap

May the Lord grant us the wisdom to escape and meet our REAL KING JESUS in holiness and purity in which the church should abound instead of earthly treasures, political positions and humanistic powers