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Remember when you could tell two churches that split: Harmony Baptist Church and Greater Harmony Baptist Church?

Those days are gone. But what has not changed is that many churches have commonalities in names. In their attempts to be different, they have become common:

  1. “Point” has become ubiquitous. LifePoint. CrossPoint. Add an “e” to be fancy: GracePointe; LifePointe; CrossPointe.
  2. “Life” has a new life: Life Church; Real Life; New Life; LifePoint or LifePointe (see above).
  3. City Church, usually with another name in front of it. These churches can be found in the city, suburbs, and the country.
  4. Christ Church. It’s simple and popular.
  5. Five biggies the past ten years: Journey, Bridge, Foundry, Mosaic, and Generation.
  6. Cross has made a surge. Cross Church. Cross Fellowship. Cross Roads. CrossPoint or CrossPointe (see above).
  7. Meaningful names. Impact. Potential. Epic. Transformation. Renovation. Innovate.
  8. Many churches like the new factor: New Life. New Hope. New Song. Now (I made up the one). NewPoint. NewPointe (see above).
  9. Moving on up. Elevate. Vertical. Summit.
  10. Non-English. Pick a Greek or Latin name you remember from seminary. Eklessia. Ecclessia. Koinonia. Agape. Many others.

What are some contemporary church names you could add? Got any funny examples?  


  • Reply June 26, 2018

    Varnel Watson

    #funny Jim Price yours?

  • Jim Price
    Reply June 26, 2018

    Jim Price

    No mine is Flip-In,Wander-out.

  • Alden Lopez Salguero
    Reply June 26, 2018

    Alden Lopez Salguero

    What kind of Church Name is that one? day after day some Christians are fading away from the biblical principles and they are traying hard to accommodate church to culture and society to survive without the Holly Spirit!

  • Reply June 26, 2018

    Varnel Watson

    after the name of the town where it is located

  • Tom Steele
    Reply June 26, 2018

    Tom Steele

  • Reply June 26, 2018

    Scotty Searan

    The Connection
    Assembly Of God
    Bainbridge, Ga.

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