Witting a Pentecostal sermon?

Wiritting a Pentecostal sermon?
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Joseph D. Absher Location location location
Marc Jackson Michael Ellis Carter Jr. I  know for a fact Joseph D. Absher carries his portable pulpit with digitally screening notes when he preaches on the corner of 25 and 11th, while Henry Volk uses 15th century liturgical lectionaries and follows them to the letter text and side margins notes included 🙂 I did have one student preacher who insisted to mention his works cited while preaching on The Factors that Bring Revival Walter Polasik I asked him to change sermon title to The Factors that Stop Revival Exibit A: Footnotes to your sermon 🙂
Michael Ellis Carter Jr. Footnotes can kill a sermon especially if you lack the charisma to hold the audience’s attention, on the other hand it could make them lean in more
Walter Polasik Troy Day: For me footnotes would be if I ever played my piano with my feet instead of my hands. 🤣
Marc Jackson Now that would be something awesome
Joseph D. Absher I just can’t use a tablet or electronic device for preaching. Just can’t.
Brian Crisp If you have to right out a sermon then you may want to check your calling. I mean if your called by God then the word is all you need. I jot down a few verses for tome sake but never wright out a sermon.
Kobina-Fareed Nyambson How can writing down a sermon mean you ain’t called? It doesn’t matter how you deliver your sermons what’s best is your ability to PREACH CHRIST.
Brian Crisp What I mean is if you have to write it all down then read it word for word then that ain’t preaching that’s just reading.
John Stevenson You do know that John Hagee, Dr. David Jeremiah, Dr. Tony Evans and many other big name preachers write their sermons out? I would never tell someone their not called because they write their sermons out.
Ron Hamm I got a feeling some folks might wish you Did write something out lol….I have done it everyway you can in 53 years of preaching…..Can
Ron Hamm Can’t tell a whole lot of difference….lol
Marc Jackson Brian I respect you so much that with respect I must say – this was just about the dumbest thing you wrote on the internet today 🙂 Just think of Wesley, Spurgeon and the rest of them sermon writers. Should they check their calling too?
Marc Jackson Know your limitations. I’ve seen Brody Pope run the pews but when you get my age something like that can sure put you in the hospital
Joseph D. Absher Know your GodKnow your materialKnow your objectiveKnow your audienceKnow your self
Marc Jackson Joseph D. Absher With all these things to know you may wannt writ them down 🙂
Joseph D. Absher God does a lot of knowing.
Brian Crisp Lol. If you have to write down word for word what you are gonna say yes check your calling. No it’s not a dumb statement just too much for you I guess.
Jeffry Woolston I Moses and David were not called then?.
Brian Crisp Your not following logic. They were writing for the Word of God. Not notes for a sermon.
Jeffry Woolston Brian Crisp Are you certain of that?
Jeffry Woolston Better yet do you have proof of that?
Jeffry Woolston Some of the best and most anointed preachers in church history were manuscript preachers.
Brian Crisp Sure ok
Richard Corey Melton Wonder if Johnathan Edwards thought that when he preached/read sinners in the hands of an angry God.
Marc Jackson Brian What about Wesley, Spurgeon. They wrote it all down. It is the only way we have their sermons today word for word. Did they have the wrong calling?
Brian Crisp They wrote down things they said like a journal. Nothing wrong with that but if you have to have notes in front of you to speak yeah wrong calling.
Marc Jackson Nope Spurgeon and Wesley both wrote and read their sermons. Apart from their journals. So did Edwards, Calvin, Luther and yes even Arminius Billy Graham always uses notes
Brian Crisp If you say so then I guess that makes it true lol.
Marc Jackson I’d say it is time you start using notes and check your facts when preaching or your calling may be leading your congregation astray. Just saying
Brian Crisp I don’t believe Paul, Peter, or John had to have notes. Preachers I respect and love to hear have no notes
Joseph D. Absher Notes are good for a scheduled meeting if theirs time. Second stringers gotta be ready. lol an hour or two notice is enough time to get right with God
Brian Crisp That’s the dumbest I have seen in a while congrats.
Joseph D. Absher lol I’m gonna move my notes under yours Mr Brian Crisp
Brian Crisp Don’t have any
Joseph D. Absher Correction remarks. I’m gonna move my remarks after your, “that’s the dumbest thing you’ve said.”
Brian Crisp ???
Joseph D. Absher Your remarks “that’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard” appeared after mine.
Marc Jackson OK Michael Ellis Carter Jr. I take it back From the hip is right Brian Crisp Here is a great example of Jesus reading His WHOLE sermon BTW someone else wrote it for Him that day:And there was given unto him the book of the prophet Esaias. And when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written,18The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,19To preach the acceptable year of the Lord. 20And he closed the book, and he gave it again to the minister, and sat down.
Brian Crisp He read the Word not notes lol.
Marc Jackson Great observation. Glad to see you wrote/typed it
Joseph D. Absher For me the most important thing is credibility. And the father’s heart. A word in season for him that is weary. And Jesus name held high
Joseph D. Absher Best to have Jesus in the introduction, theme, and conclusion.
Marc Jackson If you lack notes before your, you are constantly … improvising OR just have nothing important to say neither have put much time in creating the proper way to tell it to your congregation. Good chance they will not remember much of it either
Nelson Banuchi Only preached less than 10 times. I write a thesis statement, with an informative outline and shoot from there.
Joseph D. Absher Edited. In other words what you intend to prove?
Nelson Banuchi My outlines were quite long and I picked from the outline what I thought needed to be said or what I felt the Spirit wanted to say.  The thesis statement I repeated a few time (more to keep me on track) and the outline helped to keep me on the subject at hand.
Nelson Banuchi Also, I think not so much to prove as proclaim. Never really considered sermons as needing to prove something.
Joseph D. Absher For example I intend to prove from the scriptures Jesus is the Son of God or Messiah Or The Prophet etc. And If you believe on him as Saviour, God will hear your humble cries and forgive you.
Joseph D. Absher If you were a sergeant in the Marine Corps you must have given plenty of sermons. lol
Nelson Banuchi Joseph D. Absher No luck there.  I was only in for 3 years and highest grade obtained was a lance-corporal.But you did remind me of a time when my sergeant, and I never knew why, left me in charge of at least three, if not four, platoons.  He just told me to keep them at attention and he’ll be right back.  He left.Here I am with about 300, more or less, soldiers all standing at attention.    I felt the Lord say, here’s your chance to be a preach.  So, I took it.  I preached the Gospel to them as best and as loud as I could.  Don’t know what the effects were but I guess I’ll find out in heaven.Never did find out why I was left me with them…
Joseph D. Absher His kid was in the principal office
Joseph D. Absher Man that’s great. Big thank you. I tried to witness to my lieutenant once. He told me if I mention Jesus one more time he would throw me out of the APC. I ended up walking…
Nelson Banuchi Joseph D. Absher All the angels clapped, I bet!Ya never know how it affects them…
Joseph D. Absher I knew better. But for all the failures maybe there’s one that gets it.  I look at the Whitefield’s and the Wesley’s and some of these types. They preached Jesus Christ. It wasn’t random sermons. They were effective.
Joseph D. Absher There was one sermon Wesley preached quit often. I think it was Jesus is our Righteousness Sanctification Redemption and Wisdom.
Joseph D. Absher If I remember correctly Jonathan Edwards sermon “in the hands of an angry God” were read. And we’re the catalyst for the first great awakening in America. Jesus sermon on the mount the best sermon of all time was without notes.I believe the average preachers falls in the middle somewhere.
Marc Jackson I’ve learned the very very hard way that any outline with more than 2-3 points and a message longer than 25 minutes will not be well received or even memorable . I am saying this having preached 6-hour sermons with quite some success too 🙂
Joseph D. Absher How would you define successful preaching?If one man is saved or one son comes home or one marriage healed that is a success! A higher stander might be if our Lord is pleased and He receives the glory due his great name. And our efforts are wrought in God. That would be successful preaching?
Jeffry Woolston And they stood up in their place, and read in the book of the law of the LORD their God one fourth part of the day; and another fourth part they confessed, and worshipped the LORD their God. Nehemiah 9:3
Joseph D. Absher When they were confessing, wasn’t that the meeting​ that went late?
Joseph D. Absher In fellowship with God and prayer for his people often he gives me the “impetus” that spark that makes me eager to speak on his behalf. It’s the “word” or idea that’s lifts the topic from mere words and make it interesting and relevant, timely.Teaching sound doctrine and preaching is different but ultimately it is the ministry of God Word and the Holy Spirit that causes men to come alive to God and call on Jesus
Dean Roy All
A.J. Bible I write a detailed outline in bullet point fashion. I generally have no less than a main text, sub points with a main scripture with 3-5 supporting scriptures. Now do I actually get through all of it in a service? No lol. But making the outline, organizing my thoughts, praying and listening to the Holy Ghost, about 20 hours of specific study on the what I’ve been led to teach on allows me to teach from a very sure position. Any minister who is not willing to sit, write, review, study, edit, critique their sermons prior to standing in the pulpit simply is lazy
A.J. Bible Edited
Walter Polasik Amen and amen! Preach it brother! Better to be over-prepared but PREPARED! Those who aren’t willing to study, dig, work at it—-they don’t get the reward. How is it that politicians prepare themselves for THEIR speeches? Is that more important than preaching God’s Word? I’d say the work of God is WAY more important and therefore worth putting in the diligence and effort. 😎
A.J. Bible Here is a book my father gave me that is exceptional in teaching on how to prepare a sermon… And the Author is a spirit-filled minister. How to Prepare Sermons https://www.amazon.com/…/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_NjpwAbV15VFF0
Patrick Matthews Some of you guys may need to check yourselves.  The fruit may not be rotten but sure does have flys flying all around it.
Dean Roy Huh ? What has this to do with the question
Marc Jackson Tell us who do you mean? Name it, dont just claim it
Dean Roy Still waiting
Marc Jackson Dean Roy I wish you did not hold back so much 🙂
Dean Roy Troy Day ?
Richard Corey Melton Failure to plan is a plan to fail. Write it down. If you can get anointed when you have private place and time to order your thoughts according to the Word you can’t get anointed when you don’t.
Marc Jackson Richard Corey Melton Were there early Pentecostal preachers who did not know how to write? Are we carrying the tradition?
Richard Corey Melton Ask Paul that. Seem we have some of his nonwrittings…..
Marc Jackson Those without notes perhaps quote Paul front to back with no notes needed
Jeffry Woolston Now that you have “oped your can of worms” look at all the fish you are catching. LOL
Richard Corey Melton Then again I would like to know how many times any of our preachers today have just been asked to speak or randomly spoke in and open air forum without notice as Paul did. Then again as an evangelist he didbt really have a plan to speak and prepare for every Sunday from 11:00 – 12 and Sunday night.
Marc Jackson Dean Roy Jeffry Woolston Dont seem like the statements  Patrick Matthews  and Brian Crisp were pre-written. Now that they are written down (on facebook)  sure helps re-read and re-think what they said in the spur of the moment
Marc Jackson Glad you wrote this  so you can reflect on it later
Patrick Matthews The comments of you guys calling each other’s statements stupid.  🤔🤔🤔🤔 🤔🤔🤔 WWJD that’s what I meant.
Patrick Matthews By the way I do write some notes down and shoot from the hip also. Nothing wrong with either way
Marc Jackson I have not called anyone stupid. I called a statement that was made dumb. My perception was confirmed by several other readers as well as the poster of the statement
Brian Crisp Reread you first comment.
Marc Jackson No need to re-read it. It is well written in the notes. That does not change the fact that though I am sure you are a wonderful pastor and person, your statement above was just plain dumb ie pretty uniformed for a spiritual leader of any kind. Again I did not speak down to people but refered to the statement made. Helps to know the difference
Michael Todd Combs Brian Crisp-where can I find examples of your preaching?
Brian Crisp Not uninformed at all. My statement was about people who have to read word for word their entire sermon. That’s just an essay not a word from the Lord. Writing down a point or two or a verse but not a word for word reading. If that’s all you can do them just make copies and pass out to all there and discuss it then class dismissed.
Marc Jackson Spurgeon and Wesley wrote and read. It was in their tradition. So  did Edwards, Calvin, Luther and many other great preachers. Michael Todd Combs You can find examples of their preaching cause they wrote it down 🙂 Verba volant, scripta manent
Michael Todd Combs When I had a stroke, I lost my short term memory so everything I do, I write it down; especially my sermons. Until I read this post and the comments by Brian Crisp, I thought I was still called. My eyes have been opened and I will be resigning on Sunday.
Marc Jackson Richard Corey Melton I’ve preached it any way you can imagine but it sure helps to be prepared and have some notes with you
Richard Corey Melton As well as how often do our ministers truly use the verses correctly, take no thought for what you shall speak….. Now to finish it. When you come before Kings or magistrates. Um that doesn’t mean to say our congregations aren’t important but not many will preach it hard enough to be brought before the authorities for preaching the gospel.
Marc Jackson Michael Todd Combs I hear you. We are still called. Just getting older. Them youngins will figure it out one day soon
Joseph D. Absher I heard one preacher say when you hear a preacher say, “I’m just going to share from my heart” it’s a good time to hit the exit
Marc Jackson As well as how often you’ve had all your notes fully written and never even touched them while preaching. Sure helps to have them though
Joseph D. Absher Or when all the “t” are crossed and “i” are all dotted and the illustrations are just right and about midnight the Lord says  that good but it was for you. Now here’s what I have for my people. May as well go to bed and get up early. lol
Kevin Clark I guess those who opposed notes here, also oppose songs that are written in advanced.  Especially seeing as they clearly couldn’t be singing in the Spirit………
Dean Roy Sometimes like songs come with inspiration of the HOLY GHOST so do messages as well.
Marc Jackson Dont write your songs of the Spirit 🙂
Dean Roy Troy Day many people don’t because they may be just for the moment like a word fitly spoken. Are you that dead set on 📝 notes? How was the WORD written? Maybe by inspiration of the HOLY GHOST?
Marc Jackson No I am not the dead set on notes. I believe the Word was written under inspiration and much critical editing
Kevin Clark When I find the Bible to say it is a sin to have notes for a sermon then I will evaluate differently.  Till then, I will try to do as the Spirit leads in the moment.  I will be ready as the Bible says to be “prepared” to preach when called upon at any moment in season and out of season.  So if I know in advanced to preach then yes I will prepare in my spirit and I may write notes down.  If I am called upon to preach with a 15 minute window ( and I have) then I won’t fret because the Lord is with me as I prepare daily to minister as he calls.  Either way, the message is His in Jesus name.
Marc Jackson A good preacher always got 3 well written sermons up his sleeve
Marc Jackson I was at an informal Christian meeting called by a guy we did not know. His opening statement after worship was that he was not pastor ie not called to preach. He then proceed to share his personal testimony for the next 15-20 minutes. Nothing too bad except toward the end where he concluded his wife hang herself in the barn when he found her. He called his son to come help him get her off while she was still breathing but were not able to save her. The testimony stopped there and several dozen of us were left in wonder. No closure no notes no nothing Except many women present in tears and no word of exhortation
Shane Jones When I was younger and just starting out in the ministry, I preached with almost the entire sermon written out but as I have gotten older, I have strayed away from it. Now I have a scripture with a 5 to 10 point skeleton outline along with sub points and try to hit all of them if possible. I have other scriptures besides the key scripture as well. Sometimes, I preach out of entire passage and go verse by verso but most of the time, I only do that when preaching from Psalms. By doing so, I have noticed a better reception in the message as I am not just going by what is on a piece of paper but being more free to follow the leading of the Spirit. I like my outline because it keeps me from going off the beaten path and “running rabits” and at the same time it allows me to follow the leading of the Spirit. I once attended a meeting where a independent holiness pastor came to the pulpit with no scripture whatsoever and just preached all over the place with no central theme. He hollered and ran around as well as made mention the the Baptism of Fire just to get the church riled up. The hosting pastor had to give the altar call and the visiting pastor hasn’t been rescheduled. People didnt stay in the altar very long.I once heard of another meeting at a Congregational Holiness  Church where the evangelist went behind the pulpit and preached with absolutely no central message but rather talked about random, off-the -wall things. The only thing that my preacher friend remembered from the meeting was where the evangelist made a joke about his Brother being a Church of God minister and needing prayer. It’s absolutely crazy what ministers will do these days.
Richard Mollica Both:)
Michael Ellis Carter Jr. So what you think was I about right?
Bill Terrell Extemporaneous preacher move with the Spirit of the Lord,Holy Spirit gives me what to say in that hour.im always feasting and meditating on Gods word so I’m always ready to be used as a vessel.i never use notes but there’s nothing wrong with using them.
Brody Pope I type out an outline.
Jim Price I’ve always used an outline usually preaching the message over two or three times to myself and memorizing as much as I can, thus when giving the message it comes across as being free of notes. When I did TV and Radio I wrote out a total manuscript. My thought was so as not to let satan slip in something inaccurate or stupid.
Marc Jackson no TV station that I know would let you speak without a script on the monitor in front of you. Unscripted live hows are impossible to film. Director, camera guy and every one on the whole set dont have a clue what’s in your head and what you are about to say or how they are to film it if there is no script Richard Corey Melton Johnathan Edwards did write down Sinners in the hands of an angry God; but how can you tell this to someone who dont have a clue who Johnathan Edwards was or has never read Sinners in the hands of an angry God?
Richard Corey Melton Yup and he read it word for word. I think there is a time and place for expository preaching on the fly but for the most part the best results come from the best preparation and written sermons, at the very least notes and outlines.
Jonathan Stafford I type out my sermon based upon my outline. I also spend time looking over it before I preach
Curt Stewart I like to use notes.
Bill Terrell God Can do some great things!!i spoke before the Oklahoma Senate live no script in 2017 and all kind of people were saying amen afterward it was powerful.i will post message on my page in a few days.
Marc Jackson post it here and watch someone call you names 🙂
Bill Terrell longs as they say amen afterward it’s all good!!😅
Marc Jackson Joseph D. Absher was close to preach in the WI senate too At least until the police tried to get him 🙂
Bill Terrell You know Jesus was a extemporaneous preacher!!!
Joseph D. Absher I’m trying to work with a faith based community police liason this year. She starts Monday. I already preached her a good one on passion for the things of God. She’s nice. We can only hope this year will be different.
Marc Jackson Hope no one calls me a jerk for that 🙂 but I often read my notes on my phone and play them over and over while driving 2-3-7-12 hrs to the church where I preach. Then I dont really need my notes but still have them in front of me in the pulpit.
Bill Terrell It’s all good sir!
Marc Jackson Pastor Terry Wiles got it best that I’ve seen. He preachers his message to 2 church services on Saturday. If it turns good he preaches it in his church 3 more times on Sunday – sunday PM being the best one 🙂 Hope he dont call me out  for telling his secrets in the open 🙂 He also uses iPad but much newer than mine cause he can afford it. And has an exemplary preaching record so whatever he is doing works. Brody Pope be taking notes like an egyptian scribe in the Alexandrian library right about now 🙂
Terry Wiles iPads are of the devil.   Wouldn’t ever preach from one. 🙂.
Marc Jackson You and your tapes again 🙂 8 tracks where from God Terry Wiles
Joseph D. Absher Do you ever feel like tomorrow is going to be the best sermon ever?I tell you what got me last week I was to tired to prepare anything and everybody said it was the best ever. lol of course I studied and prayed quite a bit before but it was still funny. Sometimes you have shake your head and walk away.
Marc Jackson About 10 yrs ago I started working on the Perfect Sermon – title inspired by the movie Perfect Storm, so around that time. Still working on it 🙂 More cently I have more often used an old 1st gen iPad no cam. or other distraction and a battery that holds for days It also does not go in a screensaver mode as some of these new battery saving tablets 🙂 Been in too many services where the preacher would be preaching a storm the first 15min until his tablet goes dark and will need his child or youth from the audience to help him turn it back on 🙂 This is where the old printed copy of your notes would never fail you
Joseph D. Absher Your life is your best sermon. Christains ain’t real quick to spot a phoney but sinners sure can.
Walter Polasik Troy Day: I still do it the old fashioned way. I do my own studying, outline, and type it all up. No failing iPads or computers (unless I have a PowerPoint projecting on the large screen). I have the academic support . . .and can still preach in that old Pentecostal way! 😁
Nelson Banuchi Here’s an example of a sermon I did a couple of years ago.  I filled in the outline so as to turn it into an “article” for my blog.  Please, let me know your thoughts and and criticisms (but, be kind, I ain’t no scholar): https://atdcross.blogspot.com/…/prayer-with-fasting…
Joseph D. Absher What does, “God devolved upon him,” mean and in the last line of A. did you mean drama or drams?Ok I’ll read B. Fasting now
Joseph D. Absher B. Was good. I don’t know if I would say we fast for an answer. We fast maybe to draw near to God and wait on God. It’s ok to fast because you know you should. Right? Some christian people I know that fast are mean as a snake. Unrepentant and proud. Of course that goes for omnivores too.
Joseph D. Absher Here’s a outline I had a couple of weeks ago. Motive is important for me. When you get into a situation and it goes bad you gotta know your efforts are for the glory of God in love. Then it’s ok to get whopped. lolNew believers class 12.20.17″Justification”Motive: clearly establish christian beliefsOpen: Romans 10:3 pick up from yesterdayRomans 4:5,6- I believe God wants to forgive me for the things I have done wrong and to take those evil desires from me- and give me something substantial in their place by faith in  Jesus Christ.- to plant something good and right and holy in my spirit and in my soul- it’s  called grace and truth and honesty before God and men- it’s called virtueLuke 18:9-14vs. 14 – “I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.(Bulk)Parable of the two men and the two prayersOne went home justified Romans 5:1,2Romans 5:10Brother deantres story facing 147 yearsShot by the police a gang banger a dope dealer now free and married going to school to be a plumberClose:2 Corinthians 5:17
Nelson Banuchi Joseph D. Absher Re: “devolved,” which means “to pass on from one person or entity to another.”  I guess I was thinking, from the inauguration of His preaching/healing ministry; that is, God passing on to Jesus from the Baptist the ministry of the Gospel, although, obviously in a much greater way.You think I should have used another word?And, yes, the word should have been “drama.”  Thanks!The thing is, I find that whenever the subject of prayer comes up, answered prayed is not emphasized.  What is emphasized is the fact that prayers may be unanswered or delayed (and I think this is reflective of our prayer experience).  Another thing I thought was, when we come to prayer, which in itself is an act of drawing near to God, do we not ask God to draw near to us?  And, if he does so, is that not answering prayer?  If so, have we not then primarily come to prayer to receive an answer precisely because we seek His Presence and find that prayer without His Presence is empty piety?It’s okay to fast because we know we should, just like it’s okay to love our wives because we know we should.  But our motives need to transcend obligation.  We need to freely love our wives because that is what the life of Christ instills in us.  We need to freely fast because we feel a desperate need for God.  No?I like that in the beginning: “When you get into a situation and it goes bad you gotta know your efforts are for the glory of God in love. Then it’s ok to get whopped.”Yep, it’s okay to get whopped.  In weakness we win.  In His silence and submission to evil Christ overcame.
Joseph D. Absher Doesn’t surprise me that a lead off on preparing for “sermons” come back to prayer and seeking God. Thank for your response and I pray you that all your efforts are born in God and wrought in God and that men receive help and hope and life that is in Jesus Christ.
Tom Sowell I make an outline and notes and usually end up abandoning them half way through. Lol@
Nelson Banuchi That’s why I start with a thesis statement and a purpose statement… so I don’t go offroad
Marc Jackson oh big deal yall Right now Joseph D. Absher is probably  preaching from my own notes without even having seen them. Ever! 🙂
Joseph D. Absher Start off with Jesus. Don’t tell me you won’t forget. His own mamma forgot (Luke 2)
Marc Jackson I kid you not…
Joseph D. Absher I’m already in trouble. Please pray for me…
Scotty Searan My better sermons has been from the hip
Walter Polasik Hmm, maybe THAT’S why you and I have such theological problens. Lack of understanding due to lack of srudy and preparation? Hmmm.
Walter Polasik *study
Joseph D. Absher
Scotty Searan Joseph D. Absher That is a good sermon, even if you just read it.
Joseph D. Absher No just notes. It’s not the original. It’s only a part of a sermon. Psalm 13
Joseph D. Absher I think it’s the universal cry of humanity how long
Joseph D. Absher I’m with ya. I’m for less hype and more heart. I think some times we get it backwards. Some people want faith but faith works by love. I hate to say it but some folks don’t faith, they need a soul.
Matthew Bolton I don’t wrote out a sermon word for word i use alot on notes as far as scripture goes when the lord lays it on me i write it down i have had 2 heart attacks open heart surgery and I can’t remember like i want to but God fills my mouth with the words to say sometimes I don’t even read the notes
Joseph D. Absher God bless you brother. Strength health joy wisdom and enduring fruit in Jesus name!!!
Matthew Bolton Thank you sir you as well please pray for the church I pastor we need a outpouring of the spirit of God we are growing thankfully
Joseph D. Absher …praying, grace and truth, unction and power in Jesus name
Louise Cummings I pray and ask the direction to go in. If I feel a certain Scripture , I find it in the Bible. Run the deference’s. I do outline , and sometimes write the Scriptures down to keep from turning from book to book. These I pray and ask the Lords anointing. And for Him to help me to say things He wants said.
Joseph D. Absher Best answer!
Kevin Clark I’m disappointed that some would automatically accuse someone that writes notes as somehow not being called to ministry.  Amazing to me really.  I have done both.Yet, I don’t believe it is whether you write notes BUT what you do with those notes and the leading of the Spirit as you speak that matters.  Do you have those notes in your spirit?  Do you read the sermon from those notes?  or do you let it be a guide and a guide that somewhat keeps you on track but doesn’t  prevent you from going further in the moment with the continued leading of the Spirit?  That my friend is the real questions.
Edward Hardee I can figure it out pretty quick by listening to the preacher. The Holy Ghost gets blamed a lot for people’s lack of preparation.
Terry Fischer I type them out on word document. That way, when I get thoughts I can type them out and then later sort them out in the right order. I call my notes “feeder sentences.” They are often statements that remind me of the points that I plan on sharing. I know this doesn’t sound to spiritual, but as I have gotten older (62 years old), my memory isn’t as sharp. So I need something to keep me on track.
Marc Jackson Kevin Clark If a person writes down just some notes, should they review only part of their calling 🙂
Terry Wiles To the lead question.  All of them.  But primarily a written manuscript.
Freddie Edwards Lol I probably have incorporated all of those over the past 44 years of preaching
Joseph D. Absher Do you have a hot tip?
Freddie Edwards I generally use a mauscript but go over it and over it and over it prior to preaching it to the place that I could preach without it but still have it..security I quess, but that way two years or 20 years later I still have it
Freddie Edwards Dont know how hot that is.
Joseph D. Absher Do you have a favorite text or subject you feel is something God gave you. i.e. Dr King said he felt it necessary to preach on Love a couple of times a year.
Freddie Edwards I evangelized full time for 22 years and I then started 21 years ago the church I now pastor. Since starting this church I often find myself  gravitating to the subject of living our lives as christians before a watching world. By this means shall all men know you are my disciples that you have love one toward another. Love and passion for God and my fellow man. Im still an evangelist at heart
Joseph D. Absher Can’t go wrong preaching love Pastor Freddie Edwards Would you say it’s the first evidence of salvation?
Freddie Edwards Yes,  you probably don’t remember that old song that said, Give me that old time religion. It makes me love everybody , makes me love everybody, makes me love everybody, its good enough for me!!!
Joseph D. Absher Oh Yes. I heard it in Sargeant York.  May years ago. Thank you for your time Pastor
Scotty Searan I  don’t get a chance to preach much.Last weekend our pastor was sick with the Crud He was still going to preach Sunday But early Sunday morning the Lord told him to put his message on hold and use his helpers One of deacons preached Sunday Morning My pastor asked me to preach Sunday night between SS & MWSince we drive quite a distance to church, they let us stay at the church between services I started studying and praying.  I thought I had a message so I caught a short nap.When I woke up I read a short comment on FB and it jumped out at me and I had less than a hour to prepare.  All I did was use my Bible app on the smartphone looked for my word  God was dealing to preach onYes I do study and pray every day.Except for the scripture on my smartphone no notes My wife and pastor both said one of the best messages they ever heard My wife said it was my best message I was totally reliant on the Holy Ghost
Louise Cummings He the best teacher. I like to preach when I feel the anointing. I would loved to have heard your message.
Scotty Searan It wasn’t long.  I’ve got some wanting to hear it.  It wasn’t a shouter but potent
Louise Cummings As long as you obey God. That’s what matters. I sure you did great.
Michael Ellis Carter Jr. What’s actually funny is that we believe God is all powerful. We believe God is all knowing. We believe God isn sovereign. Hey yet it seems by many of your responses that God can only speak while you are delivering your sermon. The same God that speaks while your preaching can give you that information during prayer writing your sermon. Let’s not be so narrow minded… smh
Scotty Searan I agree But it is amazing the Holy Ghost has change my message even after I read my text
Michael Ellis Carter Jr. Scotty Searan oh I understand. Some times we catch a current while we are flowing in the spirit
Marc Jackson Hold on Michael Checking your calling.. 🙂
Joseph D. Absher The preacher can talk until he is blue in the face to no avail, but one word from Jesus to heart and mind of a man will change him forever.Or as Pastor’s like to say,”You have to hear the voice behind the voice”That is no excuse for lack of preparation and due diligence. I mean simply it is the ministry of the Holy Spirit that brings understanding to the Word of God.
John B. Gaither I have to have good outline. Then make manuscript. I edit down so it fits on 1 sheet front and back. For Sunday Am Sermon I never let it go longer. I will mess with fonts and margins to fit.  Normally that’s 30 mins, but on occasion it might be 45 mins. Spirit still speaks, but I try to be mindful of those who have different limitations.
Don Watson One gains experience as to how long one’s notes will take him. Sunday I would like to have preached my sermon in, say, about 30 minutes. But I knew I would have to cut if off. I plan to finish it next week. Looking forward to doing so! DEW
John B. Gaither Don Watson oh yes, there are plenty of come next week for part 2
Joseph D. Absher Thank you.
Joseph D. Absher We’re helpless. Sure we can talk, but if Jesus doesn’t reach into their heart and pull that sin out they’re doomed.
Terry Wiles I tell them “I’m speaking to your mind, please let the Holy Spirit speak your heart. “
Joseph D. Absher Love these conversations. Pastor Terry WilesWas speaking g to another pastor about these very things. yes we have power and authority in Jesus name. And we preach the Word of God. And it’s the grace God gives us and sincerity, love, peace, these are the best influence but ultimately it’s Jesus that works on the inside of a man where the change takes place we can’t do that.
Marc Jackson Michael Ellis Carter Jr. I had a great outline I wrote on how to prepare weekly Bible studies. I cannot find it to repost almost like FB deleted it.  In this day of Christians reporting other Christians on the net, it could ave been reported as fake news 🙂
Michael Ellis Carter Jr. Ha ha ha. I think we should all create a thread or group and write out sermons and/or position papers as a community on various ideas and topics facing us today. We could then send this to journals to be published
Marc Jackson I really do. I should have backup somewhere We have a page already Sending to journals is optional though some have before stole ideas from this group and made names for themselves using our material http://www.pentecostaltheology.com/
Don Watson This is an interesting discussion. Sort of like the story of five blind men and an elephant. But I won’t digress on this, except to say that there are many “right” ways of preparing and delivering sermons.I suppose that my finished product on paper or computer is more like using “notes.” Not necessarily a formal outline, nor a full manuscript. But after all these years I’m trying to become more disciplined. My son, who went to be with the Lord last September, was probably more disciplined in his preparation than I am. Could that be why the Lord let him go home early? But I’m digressing again. Dear me!If I have a sermon thought, and cannot write it down, I put it to the test. After all, if God gave it to me, I should be able to trust him to bring it to my memory when I do start to prepare.My wife has often laughed about how, when I was a bivocational pastor/carpenter, I sometimes would pick up a scrap of wood and, during my lunch time, write my thoughts, in pencil, on the board! It worked for me during that time!  DEW
Walter Polasik Don Watson: Interesting thoughts. I cringe to think of how some Christians come up with reasons (guessing) why someone died early. Leave it be. We JUST DON’T KNOW. (Deut. 29:29). It’s sufficient to know that if we lived in Him we will also live with Him. Everything we do,we do unto the Lord.  (Rom. 14:8) As a Pentecostal especially I’ve found that speculation is an unhealthy thing.     Now, as regards preparation, you should remember that while the disciples were told not to worry about what they would say before kings and emperors, Scriptural sermonizing was itself never without preparation. Just think of the Evangelists, especially Matthew and Luke who searched the scriptures for pertinent passages of confirmed prophecy and who researched lineages. Paul used material he was familiar with from the Greek poets of the day. (Acts 17). Stephen recounted national history to make his point. The Church Fathers like Clement, in writing his own letters to some of the same churches we know (and a few different ones Corinthians, Trallians) did the same. Paul, Chrysostom, Tertullian etc. took some pains to show that Christians were not unthoughtful, ignorant oafs but rather of sharp and profound thought, “as the truth is in Jesus”. (Eph. 4:21)
Clyde M. Hughes Some of the big name preachers use a sermon writer to get their “anointing” for thousands of dollars per day.
Scotty Searan Walter Polasik 1 Corinthians 2:1-5Amplified Bible (AMP)Paul’s Reliance upon the Spirit2 And when I came to you, brothers and sisters, proclaiming to you the [a]testimony of God [concerning salvation through Christ], I did not come with superiority of speech or of wisdom [no lofty words of eloquence or of philosophy as a Greek orator might do]; 2 for I made the decision to [b]know nothing [that is, to forego philosophical or theological discussions regarding inconsequential things and opinions while] among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified [and the meaning of His redemptive, substitutionary death and His resurrection]. 3 I came to you in [a state of] weakness and fear and great trembling. 4 And my message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom [using clever rhetoric], but [they were delivered] in demonstration of the [Holy] Spirit [operating through me] and of [His] power [stirring the minds of the listeners and persuading them], 5 so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom and rhetoric of men, but on the power of God.
Ron Culbreth When I was young and foolish, I thought it was an indictment against preaching to use very many notes, if any at all. You usually preached like a ship with no rudder to guide it. Now that I’m older, I do whatever works to get the message to the hearers in an understandable manner. One other thing. Never spend time with a congregation before you first spend time with “God”.
Marc Jackson Why God in quotes? Where do you preach nowadays?
Brandon M. Gates I write them out in an expanded outline, type them and put them on my tablet then committing them to memory for Sunday.
Louise Cummings I never used notes that I can remember when I first started preaching. I remembering studying all weak on a message , I thought the Lord was putting on my mind. Ten get to church. And while singing in the choir. The Lord would change my message. I think I was always more Anointed in times like that. Rather than the times  I studied a long time. When I write notes I very seldom go by them. I always had a problem trying to go by notes. It’s always been that way for me. I would write them down and references to then once in a while.
Louise Cummings I meant to put week.
Kevin Clark Some thoughts Mr. Louise Louise Cummings.  Maybe you were more ready to go a different direction because you were prepared as you had been in the Word.  Also, maybe we speak better at those times because we feel it is a “God moment” and also don’t feel restrained to anything.  Also, I am concerned at to pastor treat these moments for the next time they preach.  Meaning, a person may think God is going to move that way every time and then they may not prepare the same way.  Either way, I hear what you are saying.
Scotty Searan Louise Cummings As well as being a speaker of the word, I am a singer of the wordI do practice songs, but I don’t believe I would be able to do as some worship groups do.  Practice and stick to the program.I could never be a church bulletin type singer, where I knew what I was gonna sing.I don’t use soundtracks.  I accompany myself on guitar.  I believe in Spontaneous worship.   I have seen the HOLY GHOST work too much that way.I don’t know what the pastor is gonna speak on.  But God does and too many times I have seen him lay a song on my heart and the pastor be preaching about something in that song.
Louise Cummings Sometimes since I’ve gotten older. I make an outline. But most of the time I don’t go by them. They mess me up. Sometimes I have I have a point to make. Sometimes I think to look at it. And sometimes I forget to look at it. So really an outline never helps me. I had rather let the Lord bring it to my mind. I feel better that way. Most of the time if the Lord puts a certain message in my mind. I don’t need notes. Because I hear what the Lord is putting in my mind. But if I hadn’t heart clearly a certain message. And I pray to try to feel His Will but I don’t feel any certain. In times like that I make notes. I always go by what I feel the Lord is leading. When I make notes. I usually don’t use them. I’ll start off with them. And then usually put them aside and just preach. I’ve heard preachers that could. And preach a great message. But some how. It’s always been hard for me. But I still try to outline since I’m older. But sometimes I think I shouldn’t.
Paul Alan Lett When I first started my pastor encouraged me to manuscript for multiple reasons.  1. To stay focused2. Follow the leading of the Spirit but if you get lost you have a place to come back3. For re use, future use, or sharing
Bill Terrell Y’all make me feel like preaching up in hear like Jeremiah said it’s  like a fire shut up in my bones!!!!🔥🔥
Marc Jackson Paul Alan Lett dont forget to give it to a young preacher or your students to use it long after we are gone
Bruce LeVan I remember a preacher who was a very anointed man of God and his preaching was excellent… no notes.. he said his greatest regret was that he did not make notes or outlines… referring to what Paul noted…
TimnJanay Richards It’s according how the spirit leads
Scotty Searan Should a preacher preach, if they don’t feel the annointing  to preach that service.
A.J. Bible Feelings are often false. Anointing and feeling are not the same thing. Either you’re anointed, called of God to be a minister or you’re not. And if you are feelings don’t change that.
Dean Roy Yes because it’s the word that doesn’t return void not the anointing. Sometimes when you feel you’ve done nothing someone will tell you how your message touched them. We do EVERYTHING by faith and not feeling . The anointing is there if you’re living righteous .
Louise Cummings Good words.
Scotty Searan But isn’t that doing it in the flesh?
A.J. Bible Yes preaching when you feel like it and not preaching when you don’t feel like it is doing it in the flesh.
Dean Roy Scotty Searan I’m always in my flesh when I preach lol. As I said before, we do ALL THINGS by faith for WITHOUT IT , it’s impossible to please God


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    Growing in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ is first I guess

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    Michael Ellis Carter Jr. is busy doing it right now 🙂

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