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Today we pick up on taking the name of the Lord in vain.
Last lesson we left off with the 3 words “TAKE, NAME & VAIN”
Now the Question is: “What does it mean to take the Lord’s name in vain?”

Tammy Mills [02/10/2015 9:42 PM]
His Holy Name is Hallowed, and to say it with out reverence, or without worship in your heart, or without praise on your lips, is in vain. is how I understand it…

Luchen Bailey [02/11/2015 8:13 AM]
Thank you for your excellent comment.

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  • Timothy Carter
    Reply October 5, 2017

    Timothy Carter

    Ex 20:7 (Darby Bible Translation)
    Thou shalt not idly utter the name of Jehovah thy God; for Jehovah will not hold him guiltless that idly uttereth his name. God will defend His honor. The first four of the ten commands tell us our requirements to honor God. The first command tells us to worship God only. The second command tells how to worship our God. The third command tells us the manner of worship to God.
    We are told to not use the name of God in vain. This means that His name is not to be used in oaths or even in common conversations. His name is not to be used as a joke, lightly, carelessly, irreverently, or even immoderately, improperly, or without weighty or sufficient reason, that is to say, Do Not Use the Name of God Unless it is to Worship Him.

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