Preaching against other religions while believing in STAR WARS?

Preaching against other religions while believing in STAR WARS?
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Troy Day…/
Christopher Noel Boggess They will preach agaist false gods and idols and fables but teach there kids santa and celebrate christmas
Troy Day How can one be a saint without entire sanctification ?
Neil Konitshek Because it’s a process and not a one time thing although it can be for some rare individuals but I believe highly doubtful one can be entirely sanctified immediately.
Troy Day Says who? Is the words process even in the Bible? Melvin Harter
Cameron King No, but being transformed by the renewing of your mind is.
Cameron King Transformation is a process.
Melvin Harter Sanctification is a process, but like salvation, it is an instant process. This is what the Bible teaches.
Troy Day Yap – people need to start making difference between instant and entire sanctification
Cameron King Sanctification is instantaneous and progressive. The moment we get saved we become saints. A.k.a. Sanctification. Saintification is also a process. We work out our salvation. We are transformed by the renewing of our mind. The very word discipleship implies process and teaching. If sanctification was complete there be no need for encouragement, edification or teaching.
Troy Day as long as it is entire
Melvin Harter Cameron King does your explanation apply the same to salvation?
Troy Day We work out our salvation.? Is it by our works?
Melvin Harter Troy Day it must be Progressive salvation since they adhere to what they call Progressive Sanctification.
Troy Day Jesus must have said – today you will be with me in Paradise but wait – it will happen progressivelyand Moses told the people  – Sanctify thyself in the camp today for tomorrow you will … but you have to do it progressively
Cameron King Every aspect of kingdom life is now and not yet. Our sins are forgiven and we are heaven bound, but our salvation is complete when we receive our glorified bodies. So in an entire sense salvation is progressive.
Cameron King Our sanctification will be completed when we receive our glorified body. So will our healing…glory…authority..,rewards…
Cameron King I was saved and sanctified. I am being… and I will be…
Cameron King My spirit was saved. My soul/mind is being saved and my body will be saved. Entire sanctification.
Cameron King Troy Day The Israelites sanctification lasted a whole 3 hours maybe 4? Obviously this was dealing with ceremonial cleansing and not issues of the heart.
Joe Absher Very nice, full throated, and in Pentecostal red! A shot across the bow.Help us Lord Jesus…
Christopher Noel Boggess Why did you remove me did i do something wrong im sorry if i did
Joe Absher No sir. I didn’t remove you. Unless was that thread on capital punishment. It got ugly. I just don’t need that in my life.
Christopher Noel Boggess Well add me pls im very peacful and the spirit lead me to you we have work to do together
Christopher Noel Boggess Pray in the spirit ask him he will tell you about me
Joe Absher I just want peace. I’ll fight any devil but I can’t fight my brothers so please try to understand. Street Preacherz was supposed to be an outreach on social media is all. I’m brother Joe. God bless
Joe Absher Brother Christopher Noel BoggessI am very much interested in your ideas for ministry especially to the lost. Write something up and post it. There is alot of interest in the order of salvation. Grace conviction repentance faith I would appreciate something along those lines please?
Christopher Noel Boggess Acts 2 38 to start but many have false doctrine and it will only lead to contention here my lords ministry im working on is drug deliverence and end times and prophetic word
Joe Absher Well I’ll be praying for you that’s a tough one. A pure heart towards God and a tenderheart towards men. Takes a little longer but it’s worth it. It’s easy to get hurt and disappointed and then up come the walls and the bounderies and the bitterness but we learn to draw our grace and strength and comfort from him. Jesus is a very present help in a time of trouble. At the end of the day it’s an investment and a service for Christ (as) he is so WORTHY!!!
Christopher Noel Boggess I putt something up but i need to work longer on it but you get the grasp on it
Christopher Noel Boggess Street Preacherz
Joe Absher Have (you) looked at Isaiah 28 and our Lord his faithfulness and the threshing of principle wheat? What does it take for God to break a man?
Christopher Noel Boggess Man he broke me plenty of times im thankful for his chastisment he is a good father best i ever known but 8 dont want anymore but i know if he does its because he l9ves me
Christopher Noel Boggess Btw thats realy good chapter
Christopher Noel Boggess I like Isaiah 5 9 for a child is born
Christopher Noel Boggess Loved that woman ?
Joe Absher Sorry it’s late God bless have fun stay safe and give God the glory in everything.
Christopher Noel Boggess Everday and with every breath God is great and all powerful Praise and honor forever
Nelson Banuchi I’d be interested to know how Assemblies of God and the Church of God (only because they are mentioneds specifically) spend the collections received over the weekend.
Joe Absher You sure you can handle that kind of warfare? The air up there is a little different if you know what I mean.  We ain’t talking no nicotine demon. You don’t smoke do you?
Joe Absher Uh oh I just remembered you’re that guy that likes intellectual debate lol. Luv ya
Nelson Banuchi Street Preacherz No, I don’t smoke, never did (don’t drink any kind of booze either, never did).Honestly, no, not really interested – I hate, literally hate, talking $ and I’m bad at accounting; I’m lucky (or, perhaps better, blessed) to balance my checkbook) – in taking up that warfare (wimp that I am). Just had to throw in all the change on got, like 2 cents…(which is about as “intellectual” as I really am).
Joe Absher All those books scare me. I do appreciate the scholars. It’s all I can do to keep up. Some of the language and I mean English is tough. I was praying with people to come to Christ thirty years before I heard of soteriology (is that right) I think you were a Marine also. I was private in the Army. Peeled lots of potatoes lol. Thanks for not responding (in) kind. God help me.
Nelson Banuchi Street Preacherz God help us all…
Cameron King So do you believe that Star Wars contains a real religion like Buddhism or Islam?  I’ve always held it was a series of novels that were imaginary. Do you know anyone who claims to be a Jedi?
Joe Absher I personally have no idea. People claim alot of things. People even claim to be Christian’s.
William Sterling Good thing it’s not our job to judge people’s hearts! I was drawn to Christ because of the freedom he offers. Some people like to have a longer list of “thou shalt not”. Whatever the case may be, I’ve got plenty of work to do on myself without worrying about whether or not Star Wars will condemn someone else.
Cameron King Staff, Utilities, buildings, Ministry supplies, Missions, etc.
Louise Cummings I don’t watch Star Wars. Or very much tv at all. The news mostly. I listen to preaching on Facebook.
Louise Cummings Or U Tube.
Randy Buchanan And your point?
Troy Day Lucas and the Disney team are promoting a New World Order one world religion and undermining the Abrahamic God with Star Wars.  Lucas purposely set out to teach or speak out on religious issues in these films.
Cameron King Everyone knows those elements were in the movie. No one believes that Lucas is advocating for these things. Pre-Disney this was just good versus evil in a sci-fi setting. It’s fiction. It seems you have very limiting ideals for artistic expression. There was no nudity, profanity, sexual content. And all claims to be fiction.
Randy Buchanan You mean this group? Sounds cultish!
Troy Day Randy Are you posting before saying your holy rosary again?
Timothy K. Wiebe Star Wars doesn’t exist anymore. That was the last Jedi.  “All things are lawful, all things are not expedient “
Troy Day Last famous words in 1983 Remember this movie rolls out backwards. They will think of 3 more episodes before the first (for now) 3 episodes. In charge Yoda  must be
Randy Buchanan What “last famous words?”
Troy Day Star Wars doesn’t exist anymoreIn charge Yoda was
Timothy K. Wiebe You watch these films Troy Day
Troy Day wow wow wow Cameron King your “spirit was saved. soul/mind is being saved and  body will be what? Starting with a Star Wars discussion,  are you now talking pure gnosticism here? The purpose of entire sanctification is namely to get rid of all sin present in the soul and body; how else could then your “saved” spirit dwell in an unsanctified temple?
Cameron King Exactly, are you sinless? I’m being transformed into the image of Jesus. My sozo will be complete at the resurrection.
Cameron King It’s called being born again.
Cameron King Also the Holy Spirit is a deposit of what is to come. You don’t need a deposit if the payment is paid in full. The Holy Spirit dwelling within is only a deposit until our salvation is complete when we receive our glorified body.
Troy Day Pls give us at least 2 verses about  “Holy Spirit is a deposit” That must be some neo-prosperity gospel Dan Irving
Dan Irving Troy Day –  19th Century Holiness debated The doctrine of Eradication vs The Doctrine of Mortification.  This video goes into detail on this subject.
Cameron King Jesus saved me from death hell and the grave. But my body will still die. But I will be present with him.
Cameron King Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is —his good, pleasing and perfect will.Romans 12:2So your like ✔️✔️✔️And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.2 Corinthians 3:18My face is glowing ✔️✔️✔️to be made new in the attitude of your minds;Ephesians 4:23I’m always patient and never irritable ✔️✔️✔️
Troy Day 1 Corinthians 15:51 Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all die
Cameron King Troy Day  We will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye. We receive our glorified body. And that moment of transformation the full payment of our salvation will be given to us. Besides that verse in context proves my point.
Michael Todd Combs They will preach against alcohol and cigarettes, yet they are gluttons and obese
Troy Day Not an excuse to drink and smoke while eating moderately…/
Christopher Noel Boggess Your naking laws were there is no law
Michael Todd Combs Troy Day, not sure what you are trying to say. Your post doesn’t make sense.
Troy Day Of course you do 🙂 You are a smart man
Malcolm Brubaker Who are the “they” in this post?
Troy Day answering existential questions in life rather starts with asking “who am I”
Timothy K. Wiebe Watching Star Wars is like watching “it’s a wonderful life.” Both have a false theology, and both are fictional stories
William Sterling They will sit in their seats of honor, judging the hearts of men
Cameron King Once we are initially sanctified at salvation. If you define sanctification as consecrating oneself to God, then sure that can entire and I guess instantaneous. Yet people that hold to the progressive aspect of sanctification don’t define it that way. We define the progressive aspect of sanctification as the total perfecting process of becoming life Jesus. For instant the Bible uses the term “Fruit of the Spirit.”  The term fruit implies cultivation.  It implies process and progress.  The term discipleship implies learning and growing.  Paul calling believers “mere infants” Implies a maturing process. The presence of the five fold ministry to to perfect and equip the saints bring them to maturity.  This implies process. So based on our definition of sanctification we strive for entire sanctification, but full sanctification (According to our definition of it) will not be achieved until we reach perfection.
Cameron King In regard to Star Wars, most people don’t get their theology from fiction Literature. I’m sure there are exceptions, but those people will probably not be to attached to reality. The real question is should Christians be exposed to to any idea that is contrary to their faith an ideals even if this is in a fictional setting).
Timothy K. Wiebe Good comment, and yes, they should be exposed. Living in an echo chamber doesn’t give us any sense of the real world, where real people live, eat and breathe.
Cameron King For Example, I could argue according your logic that Christians should not watch Snow White. I’ll write it like the link you posted. Christians should not watch Snow White because this movie has a witch in it. The Bible is clear witchcraft is condemned, therefore gullible Christians are partaking of witch craft.  2. There is a talking mirror. An African tribe in Uganda talks to mirrors the New World Order is attempting to infuse the American people with mirror spirits.  3. Snow White is poisoned.  Poison is violence. Christians are encouraging violence when they watch Snow White eat the apple. 4. The presence of fairies.  This was the most wicked plan of Disney.  He was opening the door to homosexuality. By saying the word fairy. The New World Order also wants to replace angels with fairies. In light of all of this it is strongly advised that Christians should not watch Snow White.
William Sterling Or Lord of the Rings.
William Sterling Or the Chronicles of Narnia
Troy Day They dont ? Cameron King Do you have an actual study to back this claim? You will have to of course define what you mean by most, but in fact most people do form their theology based on pop culure depending on the culture of upbringing…/12-fiction-books-will…
Timothy K. Wiebe NO ONE forms their theology on pop culture. Nobody EVER. 🙂
Timothy K. Wiebe People form their theology on the teaching of leaders, not films of fiction
Timothy K. Wiebe I’ve seen every Star Wars movie, and my theology is as sound as sound ever could possibly be.
Timothy K. Wiebe Proclamation of truth IS literally to proclaim Christ and His person, His presence and power, and glory and honor. What proclamation of truth is not, is arguments over pop culture, in the sense of condemnation towards strong Christian believers, who may or may not have seen a fiction movie.
Timothy K. Wiebe I say this, because the OP is about mature christian believers, (leaders) seing Star Wars, and is not about people seeing it who are undecided about their faith.
Cameron King Bringing it back to Star Wars claim at the top, I don’t have a study backing up that most people don’t believe they are Jedi, but I do have eyes.  I don’t know where you live at, but most people in Georgia don’t believe they are Jedi or they are jump over tall buildings. Most people understand thats fantasy. I do concede that culture and fiction do shape our theology, but not in the literal sense that the vigilant Christian Website portrays. It is the literalness of their interpretation of nonfiction, that I’m debating. Their literal and concrete form of thinking is ridiculous.  I’m responding to the claim that equates Star Wars with Islam or Buddhism.  In a conceptional sense, I do believe that fiction shapes our beliefs.  As the book the “Grapes of Wrath” can shape how we view poverty.  A true bad influence of the New Star war movies is the post-modern elements.  The whole concept of good and evil and dark side and the light side is breaking down.  That most dangerous than folk believing they can jump over building, but that’s conceptions and is either a by-product of our culture and or just a convergence with it.   The article you sighted did not list conception problems with the movie and liter. Literally talking to the dead.
Timothy K. Wiebe “The Shack” was a fiction book. It didn’t shape my theology, but it taught life transforming principles about redemption in Christ Jesus, and His shed blood.
Cameron King O brother don’t bring that up.  I think you might get blasted.
Timothy K. Wiebe Well, I can only hope. 🙂
Timothy K. Wiebe When we teach people to live by the Spirit. We do not teach them to find fault with every believer around them.
Christopher Noel Boggess We must not make laws were there is no law
Timothy K. Wiebe If we want to discuss true deception for believers, we could talk about certain TV preachers, who are actually evangelists, but call themselves Pastor and teach people to stop attending local churches, and, instead, send their money to them, while making them a “member” of their “church” that is not even in the same state
Randy Buchanan How about multi-site churches? The original church is often in a different state than the other churches, i.e., campuses.
Christopher Noel Boggess We are all one body the called out ones born again
Timothy K. Wiebe The “church” I’m referring to teaches the people watching on TV that “most churches are social clubs.” They (apparently) do this to get people to quit going to church and send their tithes to them.
Christopher Noel Boggess Agree i left a soicail club church and jion another that if you dont fit in ur outcast after 14 yrs i left now in united pentecostal church
Timothy K. Wiebe As long as you’re not sending your tithes and offerings to Louisiana, you’re good. 🙂
Christopher Noel Boggess No i give it to the lord
Timothy K. Wiebe And the Lord is not in Baton Rouge. 😀
Timothy K. Wiebe JK
Christopher Noel Boggess No hes everywere all the time
Troy Day Timothy K. Wiebe except if you are referring to multi-cite death stars here, please start a separate discussion on the otherwise great topic you are throwing in. I am sure Christopher Noel Boggess will be obliged to respond 🙂
Timothy K. Wiebe Thought we were discussing Star Wars??
Timothy K. Wiebe The way I see it, Some TV evangelists see themselves as “stars” and they start religious wars, hence, Star Wars! 😎👍
Christopher Noel Boggess Seriously
Christopher Noel Boggess I love you anyways Troy Day
Troy Day It is a good practice not to hijack discussions and start our own. Makes it much more clear to people like me that actually read them all 🙂
Christopher Noel Boggess Why personally attack me
Troy Day Why attack? Just mentioned you would be obliged right?
Christopher Noel Boggess O im realy tired im getting cranky sorry
Troy Day just making a constructive suggestion
Christopher Noel Boggess I just give my two cents when i can
Christopher Noel Boggess Just call me a seed planter
Christopher Noel Boggess We just need to be carefull not to make laws were there is no law the jews did this and jesus condemned them for it Troy Day
Christopher Noel Boggess Time for my nap
Christopher Noel Boggess I love you Troy Day
Troy Day What would you call such law? Star Wars Declaration?
Christopher Noel Boggess No judging others on what they watch instead of there heart
Troy Day So you think it is OK to preach against other religions, but  will be the first to go see  Star Wars?
Cameron King Yes
Cameron King And my point is there’s nothing wrong with that
Christopher Noel Boggess I was in a church that allways judging im glad jesus delivered me from that
Christopher Noel Boggess Star wars is fiction a fable but other false religions are real we must know how to seperate the two fake from the truth btw i dont like star wars
Christopher Noel Boggess Its sound like your agaist star wars and not fake religions
Troy Day Is Star Wars fake religions? The creators say it is a NEW religion
Cameron King It no religion. The big pink elephant in the room that you can’t see.
Cameron King I just want to say, I really enjoyed the conversation. I taken a week off of work and it was good to get my mind off of Church stuff.
Troy Day Did you miss to read or are you just ignoring that Lucas himself said “I am preaching a new religion through Star Wars”?
Cameron King Troy Day you better not be deceived. I guess you better stay away from their.


  • Neil Steven Lawrence
    Reply October 14, 2019

    Neil Steven Lawrence

    Star Wars is a fantasy and can be enjoyed by a Christian as long as they keep it in the fantasy category. If someone becomes serious about it then they might as well study Buddhism and Taoism because that is the ideology behind The Force.

    The discussion in the original article should never be read by a Calvinist or they will blow a gasket!

    Sanctification is punctiliar & linear: meaning the Holy Spirit sanctifies us as a distinct work in preparing us to receive the Holy Spirit (punctiliar). But the process of sanctification continues as we live life and we need to continue being washed by the Word (linear). We “work out our salvation in fear and trembling” with this in mind.

    As soon as we are saved we are Saints – meaning: “holy ones“ but as we see in Scripture there is a further process of sanctification and filling with the Holy Spirit.

    Even though I was raised Southern Baptist, all of this teaching about sanctification and filling with the Holy Spirit was my experience as I transitioned to being Pentecostal.

  • Troy Day
    Reply October 14, 2019

    Troy Day

    its been done by many Robert Erwine

    • Robert Erwine
      Reply October 15, 2019

      Robert Erwine

      Troy Day you forgot to mention that stars force is actually midoclridans

    • Troy Day
      Reply October 15, 2019

      Troy Day

      Robert Erwine you know your stuff BEST

  • Troy Day
    Reply December 24, 2019

    Troy Day

    Henry Volk they will watch Star Wars tonight and then get up in the morning to preach on the Star of Jesus The force is strong with them but it aint the Holy Ghost force Isara Mo Joe Absher

  • Joe Absher
    Reply December 24, 2019

    Joe Absher

    Is it sin to watch star wars

    • Troy Day
      Reply December 24, 2019

      Troy Day

      tell it to Henry Volk etc

    • Joe Absher
      Reply December 24, 2019

      Joe Absher

      It’s your story I’ll let you tell it

    • Deacon Joseph Bell
      Reply December 24, 2019

      Deacon Joseph Bell

      It is not a sin to watch Star Wars, but it is a sin to like EpisodesI, II, and III.

    • Isara Mo
      Reply December 24, 2019

      Isara Mo

      Joe Absher
      Who says so?

    • Isara Mo
      Reply December 24, 2019

      Isara Mo

      Joe Absher
      Troy is trying to show how a spiritual man can fire his imagination by watching Star Wars then correlate it to the Star of Jesus(The Star of Betheleem) then preach about it..
      If Satan had a radar he could have intercepted the star.. just proves he is no longer in the heavenly realms but crawling on his belly eating dust..

  • Isara Mo
    Reply December 24, 2019

    Isara Mo

    They fought from heaven; the stars in their courses fought against Sisera.
    Judges 5:20 KJV
    Star Wars..

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